Diamonds For Crafting Shards

Dragon Lords,

In our next app update, version 6.90 (which we aim to release next week), we will be launching a new feature that will allow you to convert diamonds into the necessary crafting shards and scrolls used for rider gear. We’ve received feedback and suggestions from the community on diamond and crafting shard usage, and we’ve been observing the way players in Atlas earn and use these currencies. As a result, we wanted to expand the usefulness of diamonds and address the scarcity of crafting materials.

In our next update, players will now have a quicker way to acquire crafting shards. If a player is missing crafting resources while trying to craft or upgrade rider gear, they will be able to convert their spare diamonds into the necessary materials. We hope that this new feature will help unblock players with their crafting or upgrading tasks.

This feature will also synergize with the Training Camp event. Any crafting materials purchased with diamonds and then spent on crafting will still count toward event points via the usual conversion rates.

How It’ll Look:

When a player wants to craft or level up a new piece of rider gear but doesn’t have enough of the required crafting materials, they’ll see a pop-up that will ask them if they want to spend the required amount of diamonds for the missing crafting shards. This window will list the amount of resources purchased and how many diamonds will be spent.

We hope that this new option for using your diamonds for crafting and upgrading gear will allow you to enhance your power a lot more quickly! Let us know what you think in our poll and in our comments below!

What Do You Think About This New Option For Earning Crafting Shards?

  • I can’t wait to sink my diamonds into gear crafting! (Positive)
  • Diamonds are whatever… (Neutral)
  • My diamonds will be used on something else. (Negative)

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Don’t suppose we could convert crafting shards to diamonds instead?


Eh, could be ok for mid tier people who need them… although ive never met someone short on them… nuetral change, doesn’t really affect me.

Could we get the conversion rates?

X diamonds = Y Shards
X diamonds = Z Scrolls Etc etc


Good update, will be nice to see something to dump Red Shared to.


Awesome! What about using timers to speed up crafting instead of only rubies? That would be great as well.


Can we reverse as well and convert scrolls into diamonds or shards into diamonds.


How is someone even short on crafting shards but not on diamonds? I guess it’s fine to have but in reality seems like the exchange rate will make it useless to anyone who would need it.

How about a reverse where we can exchange crafting scrolls for diamonds? Or use diamonds to finish forging gear instead of rubies?


Desperately need something to allow me to trade my RRSs to gold or anything else really.

I can’t guarantee a specific timeline, but I’m hoping to get this done soon. I will start and hopefully finish this next week in our hackathon where we can choose our own projects.


You are an endless well of awesomeness :+1:


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend so I’ll be holding onto mine. My diamonds will be used on other, more important items.


A possibility to also convert the red rider shards into crafting shards would be nice too.


Judging from the first image, it is 5:1 :triumph:

That’s kind of lackluster.

And while I don’t have a ton of diamonds (I waste them all the time in lieu of raiding gold cause I’m lazy), I can’t see using diamonds to replace shards (which I am drastically short on) unless that conversion rate gets a LOT better…


Diamonds → Crafting Shards seems like a good option to have. I’ll probably never use it since I’ll never finish levelling up Primarchs, but for people who have been playing for longer than a couple years, maybe that is useful?

Diamonds → Crafting Scrolls: HAhahahahhahahahaha! heh snort



This feels like a solution looking for a problem to solve that doesn’t even exist.

Anyone with an excess supply of diamonds also has a sufficient supply of shards.

And this is because to get alot of diamonds you need to earn alot of glory. It you earn glory you claim lots of shards in the atlas lines.

Diamonds already facilitate a huge range of transactions.

If this was instead a way for us to use 1-5 star rider mission tokens or Red rider shards to Diamonds then I’m excited and both thumbs up.

Here is a feedback thread with heaps of good suggestions. Anything with 5 or more likes and bipartisan support should at least be considered


No, I said what I meant. I’m never going to want to use diamonds to craft/level more gear because I’m never going to catch up on Primarch levels. Although I kind of imagine that someone who has been playing long enough to be on top of Primarch levels also probably has enough crafting shards to keep themselves happy… :person_shrugging:


:tulip:Kinda off-topic:

This! This! This! I need all the gold and all the diamonds to keep up with leveling those things. I have tons of xp saved up.

Plus, in order to stay competitive on a sapphire team I need my diamonds for when I run out of bullhorns for troops. PG never seems to understand if they want us to maintain activity and play Atlas, we need TONS of troops cause they go so quickly!



For littles that may need this option-- ouch! That’s not a favorable exchange rate! But, sure they can have the option… I guess?
However, if no big players really recommend doing it, (cause it’s not ideal to being powerful) then, why are we complaining about smalls having a tough go of things and simultaneously giving them options that dilute their growth?

This also kinda screws recruitment (which is already hard enough); cause why join a team who has lots of castle bonuses if you can just get the stuff you want, individually?


Too many shards is definitely more of an issue for biggies. For those of us smalls and less than bigs, this is a nice option. Many times I’ve wanted to do one more upgrade but didn’t have the shards but did have the diamonds.


I want my Prim event back… using 14M+ gold on JUST One level, where I could use that 14M gold on straight troops.