Diamonds needed for Speed Ups - What's Going On?

Here are the speed up windows for the three sets of troop revives I have going, in order. Can anyone explain what’s going on with diamonds needed for the first and third slots based on the time left? Why does the one with more time on it require less diamonds??

Yes there is some exquisite PG math there.

You basically pay 105 diamonds for every 3h timer needed, and then 60 diamonds for every 1h timer needed.

Then, the game first covers all whole hours. So for 5h13m, it charges you 1x3h and 2x1h. Then for the 13m left it uses the smallest virtual timer available, which is another 1h one. So in total, you pay for 1x3h + 3x1h.

For 6h19m, the game charges you 2x 3h, and then 1x 1h for the remaining 19m. And because a 3h timer is cheaper than 2x 2h timers, your total ends up lower.

Now as to why it was implemented like that, don’t ask. But that’s what’s happening.


My memory is getting foggy but there was some claim that it reused the Ruby completion time code that was already there and subject to these umm, peculiarities.

A quick search didn’t turn up the topic but that is all I’m willing to put into it.

Sounds plausible to me, I’ve never used rubies for that so I wouldn’t have noticed if they behave just as weirdly.

Interestingly speeding up atlas rider missions doesn’t use this mechanism though, that’s just a straight up diamonds-per-minute formula.


Speed ups for atlas rider missions seem to cost different diamonds amounts, depending on the tier for the mission.

3, 4, 5 star missions. Same time left, same diamond cost

Try it next time when there is ~12 hours left on the clock.

EDIT - Scratch that. Let me try to post a picture, if I can figure out how to do it, or I will try it from my PC. It shows different times. Give me a few minutes please.

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Trying to figure out how to post a picture here. Please be patient with me, I haven’t posted a picture in any forums in a long time, ever since Photobucket took a face dive.

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I’m the Kate that is always confused and use to do spreadsheets. I like cats but I’m not aware if Kate does or not.

Screenshot_20200803-150413 Screenshot_20200803-150437

Hmmm… I never do 2 star missions so maybe that’s why. :thinking: But definitely appears to take that into account for the speedup cost.

I don’t have many high geared riders to spare yet, if I did - I wouldn’t bother with 2 star missions either. :slight_smile:

Venomou5 is correct, one and two star missions have half the cost to speed up, making 3 stars worse than 2 in that regard.

Although if you speed up missions to convert diamonds into tokens or timers you’d always use the 5 stars anyway, assuming you have at least one 5 star rider.


@Venomou5 See, told ya. :rofl:

I probably didn’t notice because it’s been a long time since I’ve done 1 or 2 star missions.

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Yes. I only ever speed-up 5 stars, when I find myself in a pinch during some breeding events. I don’t mind burning through a stockpile of diamonds for egg tokens when I need them. Diamonds are quite easy to acquire, and stockpile quickly.

Ha! Either way, pleased to make your acquaintance. Someone I know in-game was mentioning knowing Kate from the forums, and when I asked which Kate - they mentioned the one who likes Cats. They didn’t say the one who is always confused, hence my query. :grin:

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This is confusing, especially when the other Kate is confused as well :rofl:

On topic.
I believe the problem is the code itself. It uses bigger speedup conversion when the time exceeds the speedup duration (not cheapest possible cost)

Look here…

Unfortunately our descriptions are the exact same. I’m the Kate with the private, ugly looking spreadsheets. :frowning:

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