Diamonds Used On Speeding Up Gear

Surely everyone knows how valuable rubies are in the main game. They have many uses, the majority of which can lead to a nice seasonal mythic dragon. Diamonds, on the other hand, barely have any uses.

Rubies are used for the following things:

  • Opening Gold and Super Sigil Chests
  • Speeding up egg token missions
  • Elite (for those that still have that ability)
  • Speeding up gear and other items in the Forge
  • Buying spells (which is an uncommon use, and rightfully so)
  • Breeding (which also isn’t normally advised)
  • Changing IGN

Diamonds are only used for a few things:

  • Speedup up traveling
  • Speeding up Primarch leveling
  • Speeding up rider missions
  • Buying Atlas chests

I may be missing a few, but you all get the point. There are far more uses for rubies than there are for diamonds. The availability of diamonds in Atlas is also significantly higher than the rubies in the main game in the sense that when an Atlas event ends, a new one begins on the same exact day. Since diamonds are easier to come by, and the average Atlas player can accumulate a great abundance of them in a matter of weeks, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to allow players with Atlas to choose whether they want to spend diamonds or rubies to speed up gear. Of course those that don’t even bother to speed them up could just pay no attention to it, but the speeding up of gear seems to be a waste of rubies that could be further put towards a mythic.

I’m not saying I (personally) speed up every piece of gear I start crafting; I’m saying that those that speed up a couple pieces just to get closer to the upcoming elite piece could use this. The reason I suggested to make it a choice-based feature is because not everyone has a sufficient amount of diamonds for certain actions all the time. If they have the rubies, they can switch.


Still doesn’t agree with this as not all teams have Atlas (despite lower league requirement)


Was gonna comment on this but for a different reason - non-Atlas players can craft gear, and they don’t have diamonds they can use to speed up gear with

I’d love to use diamonds personally, but I’m wondering if a choice based option would be ‘unfair’ considering that a portion of people don’t really have a choice


I do agree with this since I get diamonds more than rubies.
But yeah it would be unfair to those teams who don’t have it below platinum.
So it would be a nice qol change only if all teams get atlas.


^ then perhaps this could help make up for that?

Good proposal, There is no big business in this “speed up using diamond”. So no from PG mostly, also as stated above, people may have to rely on Atlas for this proposal.

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I agree gear takes crafting materials earned in Atlas, so why not make it so diamonds can speed the crafting up. The only reason I could think this hasn’t been implemented is because PG rather us use the most valuable resource that gets us necessary prizes from chests that help us progress, that resource being rubies.

We should be given a choice wether to use rubies or diamonds to speed the gear crafting up, why a choice between rubies or diamonds so people who don’t have atlas can still speed up gear crafting if they so please by using rubies.


If you remember diamonds were added to to replace rubies in atlas. The fact that gear can be used in main game means it should be rubies.
Prim training, troops training, gold exchange, speeding up atlas infrastructure, allowing faster rss from atlas only events can only be done inside atlas. Rubies are for main game.
(Gosh I wish we had less currencies as well and now added dragon shards again… but rubies and diamonds have different purposes)


But what about the craft gear event? Shouldn’t that use diamonds? It is however an event in atlas as you listed some above.


But forge gear is main game now, we get atlas benefits that other don’t. Again not saying it wouldn’t help just that the reason offered by pg was main game rubies, atlas diamonds… if it affects main game (gear) then rubies.


Good idea. Progress in crafting atlas event is the only one, which you can’t speed up with diamonds. So not only we are waiting for the atlas event to start upgrading the gear, we also have to wait for the gear to finish upgrading. In case of troops and prims it doesn’t work like that, so I suppose it shouldn’t here either.

And I do not fully agree with the argument that people without atlas will be disadvantaged, because the truth is that atlas is there to give something that others do not have. Thats the idea of the atlas. It’s like saying that rider missions are unfair, because you can get timers / eggs from them by using diamonds, and both can be used to progress in main game fort and breeding events.

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I’m not against an option of spending either rubies or diamonds so those without atlas can still use them if they choose.

Again the reason they changed was to keep atlas only events and resources in atlas only. Because the forge is used for gear (which is now main game) they decided to keep that as rubies.
I don’t know code but I think using diamonds in main game will break it


@moderators the thread can be closed now please. I’m taking back my suggestion.

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