Did Egg Token Missions Always Require 100% Base Destruction?

Feel free to correct me. But, I seem to remember “Successfully attack X amount of bases” only requiring 70% completion? Not the full 100% destruction. As we have in event quests now.

If you’re following it requires 100%. If doing it yourself, 70% is fine.


Thanks. Just checked that out.

The team quests have two variations of attacks.
Destroy x bases with (type) dragon. These 70% will win.
Destroy x bases to 100% over lvl xxx. These need to be completely finished.

Hope that helps

Do you really mean egg token missions or do you mean team quests?

I meant egg tokens. Had a freind that couldn’t figure out why her’s weren’t completing while I was helping her do xp multis. Question answered. Thanks @ZenJJ

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If you mark my answer as a solution maybe I’ll get the Brainiac badge :joy:

And I don’t think it was always that way, but it has been for a few months now. I had the same problem as you and did a few test runs.

Marked it for you @ZenJJ. Thanks again

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