Did I find a farm?

Self explanatory, it’s in the title lol


It’s on an XP team, so yeah… they’re not hard to find.

Yes you did

Looks like it. Spread out farms, mages clustered on islands 1/2. :+1:t3:

I feel like a famous explorer

-cough cough JK :smile:

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I found some too

not sure if this one is, pretty much like a farm to me


The first one is a mission base but the last three are live bases … either that or poorly designed xp bases. :eyes:


All XP farms will have XP in their names. Search in your meeting hall. Put in search box XP Farms. There is a list of teams you can bookmark the teams.

Not all will have XP in their name (I used Quadricwhisper for a while on XPFarmsLoosex1) but they’ll for sure be on an XP farm. @ OP: Just looking up “xp” in the teams brings up plenty of results :t_rex:

Sorry I didn’t mean the individual players, the team name will have the XP in it. The search is for the team then you open to get to each player. Sorry for not explaining it better.


no team with a bad layout usually is a xp base to me

Oh lol no problem :t_rex:

They can retaliate, where XP farms don’t.

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I wont use them forever.
my concept of xp base is a base I can take out to get xp without losing too much health or hurt someone feeling. If someone who is still play but allow me to farm on their base, that is also a xp base to me.

I’m a xp base too! My name should be XxTrueOnexX or TrueOne. 224 base thats spread out as evenly as i could. Dont have a ss tho :confused:


I use them to train my hatchling until they are strong enough to handle the lowest base I have been matched to. Level 30 is the lowest my list goes to. But towers are powered to level 18,so I have to pick carefully for them. Thank you XP farms for allowing all of us this chance.

Am i seeing that right? A lvl13&14 base with all lvl 20 towers. That is not feasible.


Visual glitch due to multiple accounts on one device? :thinking:

I think it would be a 130 and 140 something, sometimes the numbers don’t fit the level bubble properly


This. If you haven’t seen the visual glitch of player levels not fitting properly into the new UI bubbles boy are you in for a treat.