Did i got Hacked?


@PGJared @pgCampusLifer

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Are you serious??

You screwed my War and dont even let me know about that?
I hope you will reroll that war really quick so i can participate in it.

You guys definetly saw the last amount of money from me now


I want 15 gold chests…


Can i have 16 for the emotional trauma? :joy: haha

But seriously this is crazy to think that this could just happen anytime… I’d like more of an explanation.


i think you can still attack if you are back to your original team.


Why our team haven’t been warned that you are going to remove the player?
It could cost us 2 wars,it’s ridiculous!
We all want compensation and explanation why this happened.
Thank you!


I dont know who of the support team did this crap to me but i hope he had his last working day now at their office. The bug was reported from Purple Fire and me about 1 month ago. He is gone since 3 weeks and now he got the smart idea (!) To login and just damage a war.


I hope this has an explanation… and I wish you the best.


Wishing the best is nice but isnt what is required to do well in Diamond 1. I dont want a refund for me but i want one for my whole team.
Maybe @pgEcho @PGEggToken can look into this aswell. And into my support ticket. Im mad as i never was before. Enough is enough


As a person on the opposing team, I can honestly say that this is definitely not fair as Suma obviously didn’t have any control over the situation. So even though it gives us an advantage, I think it should be reverted.


I didn’t think support could surprise me any more, but to think that they actually removed my team member without his consent or knowledge to fix a month old annoyance bug (phantom banners) is actually shocking to me. We have 2 wars that could be impacted by this ludicrous action. Please fix this including by removing the entirely unwarranted free flames courtesy of the px department. It’s absolutely unacceptable what happened here!



Do not ask for staff to be fired. I understand you’re upset about this, but demanding we ruin someone’s livelihood over 2 wars is completely inappropriate.


Good evening @PGJared

I’m sure you understand the frustration of a close war. If not, come visit us in Diamond :joy::joy:

Ok all serious now. There must be a way for you to rectify this. Sumatan or his team can obviously not be penalized for this.

What about you overwrite this war? I’m sure it’s not impossible.


I have no ability to overwrite a war, but I am reviewing the existing ticket(s) as well as discussing things with the team.


Well i make it short. I got 3k rubies and all my team members will probably loose 750 tokens.
If you review my tickets i hope you understand my frustration.


I do understand your frustration and I’m working with the team on appropriate measures to address this, including team compensation if required.


Thank you for that.


Okay, here is where we are with this issue:

The PX team screwed up big time on this in a number of ways.

  1. This took way longer than it should have. A month to resolve this issue is pretty upsetting.
  2. Sumatan should have been notified of what actions needed to be taken on their account and should have been given a choice of window during which time those actions would be taken.
  3. Sumatan’s account should have been temporarily banned while those actions were taken to prevent them from being able to see things from the other team.

We are going to be keeping an eye on this war. If Sumatan’s team loses by a small enough margin that a single player could have made the difference, we will adjust prizes and ELO as if both teams won. If Sumatan’s team wins or they get completely trounced we will not be making any adjustments.

I will be reviewing Sumatan’s compensation for the hassle to make sure it’s appropriate.

I will also be reviewing PurpleFire’s compensation for the hassle and intrusions to make sure it’s appropriate.


Thank you very much Jared for sorting things out that quick. I also wrote back and rated my support ticket - pls take a look at it if u have some time

Regards Suma