Did people suddenly stop getting angry about sigil costs?



Ironically, there was an ad for a “addictive” mobile game at the end. Lol.


Don’t worry guys, PG could make the lines cheaper like we want… but just be ready for the gold chests to go up to 6-8k rubies per 10. :joy:


Maybe they could have “PG day”?

Happens every February 29th if the year is prime. That day only, everything is free.


I don’t have too much issue with a sigil cost raise for a new tier stone, and if the big spenders pay for the mythic anyway, they are hardly going to care about a few hundred bucks more I suppose I wouldn’t know not being a super spender
What makes me unhappy is why does a garnet cost more this season than last season, 1250 sigils more.
Is it more powerful-no-all garnet ap is the same no matter what season your dragon comes from.
Full new spell kits, umm nope, lets see cav gets 3 recycled skills.
Only reason I can think of is the lower end players are funding the costs for the vanguard stone. Wouldn’t want people being unhappy putting the 3k down on 1 stone, lets just spread it out over the other stones.


8675309 8675309 :tada: :beers:
Love this song. Good choice.


Yea pretty sure this was what it was. Ask them for verified blueprints for future updates to provide proof that they’re actually fixing something. I bet we get the famous “well look into it”.


I don’t know how it was 2 years ago because I’m new here(this year) . But I can really say that comparing this season with the other is that this one is more expensive than the other.



How’d you get my number… :rage::wink:


Yep PG is going to give us in bits and pieces, and then take away in chunks. As usual :man_shrugging:, I’m not expecting much from PG. Also on that note, let me remind all of you, that, every time we ever asked PG about reducing the egg token costs. They used to say they are working on it, and finally when they do respond seriously, we have to wait again around 3 or more months. So what were they “working” on till now.

Frankly, guys don’t expect much :triumph:


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