Did PG finally lose it who in their right mind would buy that value pack

Did PG finally lose it who in their right mind would buy that

Is this one of those subpar packs that is offered in between events?

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that’s the old value pack i think.

Remove and Reinstall and it should show you the correct value pack.

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Note, at the bottom… “pack changes in 17min”

It just changes minor things, all else stays the same.

I don’t have that pack. I see two $99 packs - Dragon Master and Kingdom.

That’s old, before they raised the rubies in packs old

just saying the 20days is nice :stuck_out_tongue:

kinda like that treb resist pack


I saw the same packs when I was only getting ruby drops during attacks instead of bronze chests.

You can either uninstall/reinstall the game or you can clear your app data and cache without reinstalling. Clearing app data/cache is easier and faster.

Make sure you have a Pocket Gems ID first, then exit the game.

Go to:

App Manager
War Dragons
a. Clear Cache
b. Clear Local Data
You’ll wipe all your phone data off without having to reinstall. Then you can launch the app again, re-download all 600+ game files (towers, dragons, Atlas files, etc.) as you go without reinstalling the entire thing.

I had to do both for mine to fix. I tried clearing first. Just in case

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