Did PG secretly increase Ragnarok damage?


I just defended myself against two Surts. The first one was a Harb and I dropped it before it could fire off Rag. The second follower was an obsidian. It one shot my level 65 kill isle.


I have 107% DP gear. I have level 65s. I have full research. I have a mythic warrior perch.

He would have needed 200% gear to one shot me.

Can PG explain how this is possible?

@Arelyna @Crisis


Kelvin super spell flux ? :thinking: Maybe


Mine has increased but I still don’t see how his incinerate beat your red mage? Incinerate seems to be his limiting factor and how did he out live your shield?


If it’s true they had increased Ragnarok, i gladly accept it :fire::fire::fire:


It sounds like Hildr got a secret nerf at the sametime, so I wouldn’t doubt it.


@OrcaFrost may be able to have a peek at the game files and see if it’s still at 1000% or not.



Sorry. Didn’t keep track of it (didn’t even find ragnarok’s 10x multi fix).
This is what I got during both breeding event and this event (4.96).


Is that a 100x multiplier? because it’s definitely not that high


I think so. Which means they unnerfed it? Like, completely as far as damage goes?


So no recent change it seems then. But 100 does seem more like the old 10000% indeed, what does it say for the “way of the blade” steps?


I have surt, it’s not 100x or the 10000% nor is it 10x or 1000%

I will say my max emerald surt can one shot unprotected 75s, so maybe perhaps it is back to the original :thinking: one shotting those 75s was less than 50x damage…my surt has all level 1 legendary gear with maybe the ring and weapon at level 2


But it can’t one shot protected 75s? Spells that do more damage than the health a tower has, only shows the actual damage dealt. If you can find something you can’t one shot and post images of the damage you dealt, plus your dragon stats, that’d be helpful.


That I’m not sure, I don’t think the base I attacked has its front towers boosted (edit: the front towers are boosted, just under 10b base with 5 towers missing) , I’ll go check if they have a warrior on the perch…they have huitzil

My surt single swipe shot causes about 1.28m


I checked lol


I think it was. I just took out the first 2 islands on a 9b base that has max 75s. My Surt is first level Harb with all legendary unleveled gear, 52% attack boost.

If it was boosted, good, it should be. If the problem was Surts taking out max bases at low tiers, they should have nerfed his ability to take out the red mage, not his nuke. I’m happy with a boost to Ragnarok, although if it was boosted, I have a feeling it was unintentional since PG wouldn’t just change it without saying something.


This looks far stronger than before. Here are some screenshots

Ragnarok has never one shot these high levels before

This dragon is the first level of emerald and has all legendary gear with two level 1 elites


My surt has higher stats than that but can’t incinerate any reds near level 60 but yes ragnarok is stronger at the moment. Also doesn’t change the fact that surt can’t survie the shield with that kind of indifference in tier level.


I didn’t make any comments about surviving a shield or anything like that. I was simply stating that ragnarok looks substantially stronger now

I also haven’t said anything about this being good or bad


Lol yea I’m just prempting the obvious next complaints if per say this is an intentional change, which I doubt…

It doesn’t appear to be stronger…it IS stronger. Not opinion anymore, ‘‘tis a fact currently lol


Fair enough. I need numbers before I decide whether this is good or bad. No complaints from me until then.