Did PG secretly increase Ragnarok damage?


My numbers are 1.28 m singe swipe attack. The towers I hit had about 56m hp. They were one shot.

Edit: it is likely something happened where Rag is causing it’s original release damage




Wasn’t execute also supposed to be 12?


It was, this looks like it’s either a total mess at PG, changing spells willy nilly from advertised, or the file Orca’s using isn’t the data actually used by the game…


Thanks for bringing this to our attention everyone. I’ve asked the designers to look into this already.


To me it looks like someone was working on 4.96 from an old file and didn’t copy over updates that happened between start date and release date.


Cool, Surt is gonna suck again. :roll_eyes:


It should be 12 for execute…


Gotta check again (reinstall).
Prior to 4.96, it’s listed in tweak as 12.
Checked again.
It is 12 (sorry for confusion. Found in the tweak.)
However, Ragnarok is still 100


We’re asking for a nerf 3?..:face_with_monocle::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The surt rollercoaster rolls on. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


When will it stop? :thinking:


Hopefully never!


Please take this opportunity to put it at 12x damage instead of 10 please


Just for the sake of schadenfreude, I’d love to see it changed to any number that it hasn’t already been.


Well not any number cuz lower would be horrible lol


Haha, higher or lower works equally well for me.


Definitely not lower lol


Red was killed by the first Surt.


Ah ok that make sense then. I haven’t seen your base, I assume you only have one high level red mage on your base with the one kill island? (Just to be clear I’m not suggesting you do a double mage on a 5 tower island lol, basically just clarifying you only have 5 leveled towers)