Did PG secretly increase Ragnarok damage?


Basically first Surt got rage drained. He could only shoot my red and I think he panicked and only rag my storm cos it was dead for the second attacker. Second Surt one shot my kill with an obsidian Surt.


Lol I’m not surprised.

So Rag is back at 100. Let’s go visit JL…



Lol it will die if defended on his base if it’s not vanguard or higher


The unintended old multiplier sneaking back into the game has been resolved. The damage should be back to where it previously was before this update.

We apologize for this getting into the game.


Well damn lol


Is execute being worked on? 10->12? @Arelyna


It has been 12. (Confirmed)
the one I posted earlier is what it is at initial 4.96.
The fix is among initial downloaded part (game state)


I know it’s supposed to be 12, are you saying it is currently 12 now?


Close @moderators

See who’s first :eyes:


12 now


One of the data I got after reinstall today.


cutting the last part as it is irrelevant


Found it :eyes:


Since the mistake had been corrected, there is no need for this thread to remain open :slightly_smiling_face:

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