Did Recently Banned Cheaters Skew the Data for Everyone?

I am creating a separate topic from the original page that explained the banning of hundreds of cheaters last just recently. This topic deserves a thread of it’s own and the truth from PG employees about how these cheaters hurt those who choose to play the game honestly.

I don’t have an exact number, but it is estimated that around 1000+ players have been banned these past few days for not following the ToS. I can only assume the majority of these players were so high in level that their free maxing of bases, event dragons, and lineage dragons made PG feel that the difficulty for each of these things should be more difficult to achieve. Those who play honestly were detrimentally affected by this as prices went through the roof for obtaining max gameplay. Those that spent honestly spent more than they would have had to do if these cheaters were caught long before now. The other players who spend little to no money at all are also victims of cheaters skewing the data collected by the company for their estimates on progression difficulties of the game.

Not only could the impossible base, and dragon progression walls be a result of this skewed data but events, and season prizing themselves!!! There have been many times when Personal Progression prizes have been made more difficult to achive because “spenders keep pushing the boundaries” which gave PG the excuse to make personal progression prizes harder and harder to achive for those who play honestly. All cheaters would have to do was tap some buttons and they have everything at their fingertips!!! Also this can be said for the overall season line prices. The first fall season i was able to get both Skarr and Nightshade only for a couple hundred dollars. To get Phasmos it was only around $1k, or so i had heard(if im wrong plz correct me). Now players are pricing the mythic dragons of seasons at $3k??? I refuse to believe that PG is that bad at telling when to stop so i can only assume this huge jump is from all of the cheaters forcing PG to raise prices to make sure only a certain number of players can get endgame content to keep the drive of progression alive.

Idk if i can go back to the old forums still, but i think we can all remember how many times season difficulty and regular progression difficulty spiked with the justification that PG was making sure “balance” was present in the game since “not everyone can have endgame content”. (Loose quoting of the general ideas i remember)

So PG, how much have these players skewed your data? I am not asking for payment from all the hardships we have gone through because of your inability to determine how players progress honestly. I am asking for you to take a look at your numbers and change things to a level where honest committed players can play and enjoy the game. If anything this whole event now gives you an out from saying “No we were just greedy, and wanted to milk the game dry before letting it implode”, because we all know you will never say that(even if it’s true).

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I am curious to know how many level 60 towers have disappeared in the midst of the balancing discussions.


This is an excellent question and you have clearly put some good and honest thought into it.

It would be a shame if PG did not reevaluate the data used to arrive at the present “difficulty” levels with these users removed from the date set. I would think historical data could be reprocessed with little difficulty, and going forward, if PG stays on top of the cheating, it should not be a significant factor.


I’m probably the only one reminded of ‘Deflategate’ in the aftermath of the Great Panning of 2018…

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This is interesting, to be honest I never thought of this until now.
It does make sense that the high ceiling set for what we now know are cheaters was unfairly affecting the non-cheaters. Scaling of prizes would be off, content would’ve been pumping out too fast to keep up, etc.
Perhaps with this we will see a normalization of prize tiers (more in line with the first fall season) and more of the honest players will be able to achieve what was previously only possible for cheaters to reach.

I hope after the dust settles, PG takes this into consideration.
Not sure whose ballpark this falls into, but my guess is @PGPulse


Very good point. I hope PG makes adjustments for the players that are left.

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Even if they didn’t affect data, they could have affected behavior and that’d be much harder to quantify.

For example, if Player A (who has since been banned) was running up the numbers on events and Player B wanted to be competitive, they could have spent more than they otherwise would have to compete with PA.


Mine are still there…

I think it’d be too difficult to attempt a fix for that. But changing things going forward shouldn’t be.

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I don’t want to be the impatient one but since the number of cheaters has been confirmed to be over 1,000 players i am getting more and more angry at this. That means the top 1,000 players in every event could(probably not all) be all the hackers and any players who were ranked 1,001th to 1,999th place could have gotten World prizes but were pushed by cheaters who didn’t pay a single penny.

Where is PG?!? I for one think this trumps all else in the game right now. Whatever big thing is to be released next week on twitch can wait. Bug fixes, Atlas changes, dragon changes can all be put away because this is something that affects the entire playerbase and PG still pretends they have reasons to ignore this. PG pay attention to the players who actually pay you for this game.


Agreed, should be PG’s top priority.


Has this thread been seen? I’d like to know it’s being discussed in PG HQ…


I’d honestly like to be part of the conversation…


This is a very good point. I don’t see how PG can move forward without taking this into consideration with regard to setting prizing levels, tier token requirements, etc…

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I personally would like a new tier of dragon but understand where y’all are coming from

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I am curious to understand how you know the number of confirmed cheaters in WD?
Is this published somewhere or do you have a data-based method of estimation?

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@OldDragon This was from a line group im in. I could search for it but im lazy so here’s a secondhand screenshot

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In fact one of the admins stated it was around 1k players. Check the other post

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In the eggtoken pay out topic I already said that we, DarkWinds, lost too many good all time members, spenders even, to the increase of difficulty in the game.
I already said that eggtoken pay out should be the highest priority. Now I see why there has been no response (yet) from PG about this. The data must be skewed.

Of course the team is busy with the huge pile of complaints at the moment. Although I think it is reasonable for us the expect a “we’ve seen the concern, we’ll get back to you about this on x date”, before the event ends on monday.

It is a very legit question from the playerbase.


Now I could be crazy here, but adjusting prices to a point where the most people buy them is kind of what they do. (Virtual product and all, they make money by being aware of this)

I would be shocked if they didn’t already know this and weren’t working on getting the bell curve back in its sweet spot for profit. I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens slower than most on this thread wanted.

I think we as players often unintentionally alter our own numbers. For example breeding and breeding paths likely caused too many people to breed too efficiently, so over time the cost was probably increased to adjust for a much larger percentage to be aware of efficient paths.

I don’t think 1000 players is significant in the total player base (but I have no clue how many active accounts play war dragons) but I do think chest drops have to be heavily diluted by this if those players were advancing through the use of chests.