Did Recently Banned Cheaters Skew the Data for Everyone?


Before we go changing things let’s see how the game acts with the cheaters gone… that way we can get a good solid set of data to work from. I watched the higher leagues numbers and the bans happening as I enjoyed the carnage, but with the exception of only a few teams. It was ones and twos in each team, which would have and could have been easily replaced by a legit spender. Meaning that if dread or nmo or japs had not had them in there they would have put another with similar stats being a legit player. That competition would still drive the spending and the game would balance. So we can’t know how much each of these cheaters affected the rest of the player base but with the exception of teams like monsters that were blatant I can’t think it would have mattered all that much.


They made it pretty clear they wont say. Sniff sniff. Smell that?


Dont forget there are only 2500 players who matter in this game.

PG only looks at diamond when balancing things.

Percentage of banned players is much more significant in that pool.


Evidently they are too busy making the event runs count.


I agree that the cheaters skewed the numbers just from a diamond base perfomance point.

What’s more disturbing is that PG had to know of it ahead of time as the anomoly in player growth v. Sales had to stand out like a sore thumb. The question remains why they waited so long to act? It didn’t happen overnight or over a span of a week, it had to be months. Its not that hard to run a comparison between player purchases v. Player growth, they know exactly what each player can grow at per sale even adding event participation.

Unfortunately after a cheater cleanup the ones suffering are now the remaining honest players(and yes some remaining cheaters as well) . We have a broken Atlas and now the current event is broken as well(no registering of points).
Dragons were nerfed(hunters - per forums and a performance point of view)
dragons were improved(sorcerors and warriors - not really seeing a marked improvement yet),
towers are nerfed(those that paid for level 60, well you get a level 60 by level tag but really they are nerfed to level 45-50 at best, even after the balancing)
Support isn’t answering tickets … Two days without responses or if they do it’s the “development is aware of the issue” but no communication or fix follows

Are the baned players eating up :tired_face:


…but you don’t know which players were banned, so those 1k players could have been mostly carry’s and leads for many teams. That’s going to have significant effects on Diamond through Platinum, including wars and events. Talking about numbers is a waste of time in my opinion. But, I would be surprised if less than 90% of those people weren’t D1-S3 players or carries for Platinum.


We already know diamond and sapphire account for around 20%. I think in diamond it was 500 ish people banned out of 2500 (1/5th)

We are talking about skewed costs.

Namely gold chests drop rates lowered due to high usage being impacted by cheating. I suspect they ruby hack and buy chests which would be a insanely high impact. Pg would show they were giving away too many goodies and make them drop less.

Maybe seasonal rewards or sigils were impacted similarly

It’s very possible 1/5th only means a 1/5th dilution for example. It’s also very possible that those teams used excessive chests even compared to top spenders.

Wait as see is the only thing we can do. When talking about critical team players it
Very well could be that the hacked accounts were backing players in wars and that should let a lot of players and teams move up if so. (Won’t impact drop rates)

Numbers are very important, but we have to speculate a lot due to only PG having real figures.


Rather than castrating non-Diamond teams to feed the Diamond war machines, could you not suggest launching new rewards to people who spend while on a Diamond team instead? Maybe revamp the crappy gift that people get for a teammate buying a pack or give individual/team chests when a whale hits a certain monthly milestone in certain leagues. And it might be uncomfortable for some people to recognize, but those individual prize tiers help encourage young whales who aren’t in Diamond. Is this about pushing whales to Diamond or penalizing level 300’s who are carries on Gold and Platinum teams? If the goal is to penalize players, I’m sure that won’t encourage more players to retire or more teams to disband… /sarcasm


To be fair, bonus prizes already do this to a degree. Give people a sense that they’ve achieved most of the prizes. But only the high scorers can see the highest prizes


Whose flaks do?

And I don’t mean super shots. :rofl:


As an additional benchmark, a high-performing noob around level 55 (hi) can consistently place around the 10k-13k mark in personal achievements. 1000 cheaters means they represent 7-10% of the players who can beat a 2 month old account, which is a quite large portion of the active player base.


I have been investigating the practice of cheating in games like WD for sometime.
Very hard to estimate cheating rates accurately - like blind men feeling up an elephant.
That’s why I was curious and enquired earlier.

Game companies probably don’t really know, but surely have the best data to make estimates.
Unfortunately, the company has a strong commercial interest in minimizing the situation since cheating is a strong disincentive to in-game spending.

The percentage apparently increases with game popularity, increasing grind/cost, and game age.

One hacker enterprise claims (with data) that at least 1% of active players are willing to spend real cash on commercial hacks.

I remember an interesting research effort where a MMO player tracked the ban rate of the top tier of players in a game very similar to WD. About 5% of the top players were banned (1 in 20) during the study. However, these banned players made up 33% of his opponents during the study period. This was equivalent fighting a cheater in 1 of every 3 attempted combat rounds. It doesn’t take much cheating to skew the game experience.


Personal curiosity, do you have a link to this research? Could I find it easily in a Google search?


Yes I do but the links go into great detail on the cheating culture and how cheating is accomplished and that is not something that PG wants to see here. If there is some way you can contact me privately I can make some suggestions.

Or as you suggest… just Google a few key search terms. There are literally hundreds of good hits and some are great sources. Gamasutra.com is a great starting place - that’s a game developer site.


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Really excellent points. I don’t think I’ve seen the real issue addressed here though. How do we identify the cheaters and how do they continue to cheat? I would report someone who obviously is cheating, but honestly I couldn’t tell. And how does PG not fix the bugs that allow them to cheat? I understand that it’s a bit of an arms race, but really… They’ve obviously figured out that it’s a big issue affecting the fun of the game for most players if they just banned 1,000 of them.


Many people here seem to be focusing on the numbers of over 1000. Please don’t focus on that because that could simply mean they were all using the same cheating program who was previously circumventing the system and has now been identified. There will always be cheaters on all games wether they are cyber games or not.

As far as skewing the numbers, yes, it will mess up the numbers and hopefully the WD team are looking into it for future progression. Nothing can be done about the past unless someone owns a time machine. ( if someone does own one, contact me privately please😂). I’m sure the staff is looking into it or they would not have made this information public yet.

Lastly, to the WD Staff, thank you for all you do and the effort you put into this game but it would be very appreciated and respectful to simply acknowledge that you have seen this thread instead of letting everyone think the worst. Have a great day everyone👍🏻


For poor and bugged content?
You are wasting your time playing when you convinced yourself that its poor and bugged content!
Ohh wait! Did you spend a fortune on the game? For this poor and bugged content? :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


Thanks PG for making a stand against cheaters.

I’m relaying a message from a mate who has quit.
He Got rolled back over 70 lvls, egg tokens taken away, and all atlas progress reset. He has spent a huge amount in this game and his teammates are 100% certain that he’s a clean and legit player.
But due to the drama unfolding, and PGs unwillingness to give any explanation for the rollbacks and bans, the whole team have lost their trust in the system.
What if they get banned next when they did nothing wrong? For all those clean and legit players, they don’t dare spend anymore coz what if they get flagged as a false positive or whatever and lose game progression.
At least be honest and give a rough idea why a teammate and friend has gotten banned.
Was it a sigil glitch? Did they use hacks? Did they buy 3rd party packs? Just give a hint as to why there’s a ban, and not an actual mistake that may take months to resolve.
Example, had an old teammate who got banned nearly 6 months due to PG flagging his account. ( was a lvl 200 btw)
And 6 months later, he gets an email saying PG has made a mistake in banning him and receives 6k rubies as an “apology”
Get the drift now ? why there’s so many skeptical peeps out there who are scared to spend anymore? This can happen to anyone! And until PG cleans up its act, those “clean guys” in affected teams will no longer spend. For all that money spent, we expect quality and prompt service. Not “we will get back to you” message that may take months and months to resolve.