Did the energy price increase?

From the day 2 of this team gauntlet event, energy pack requirement to refill 100 energy for the second time increased from 20 to 22. Is this only me?

When I started the game 2 1/2 years ago it used to be 19. It changed to 20 a bit while ago. It didn’t bother me as much since it’s almost the same…
But if costs are going to constantly increase like this, i really Want legitimate explanation, such as scaling down the prize requirement, which I really don’t see :frowning_face:

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Hmmmm, that is weird.

Do you have a screenshot? I haven’t noticed that.

If you do 1, 11, the next one is 24, so if it’s true it’s not bc of getting an earlier energy box.

Screen cap would help

My cost is at 20 after buying one pack of 100.

If you’d already bought 16 a couple of times before that, the cost for the 100 goes up.

Nope, if it was 20 before, then it’s gone up :cold_sweat: This is after buying 16 + 100 energy (1 + 11 if we’re counting in packs) so yeah it’s 22 now for the second time. :t_rex:

My screenshot will be here. Exactly the same.
By the way in my case I have only bought 100, no 16 before.


:drooling_face: at those energy packs :rofl::joy:


@Arelyna has the energy cost been increased this event?

I can usually trigger that bug if i try buy energy from within the attacks, eg via trying to launch a super attack without enough energy

Ive usually opened a ticket to get it fixed

Should be 10-20-30-30etc

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Did you buy mega coins?? I’ve noticed if you do even if you already have the 100 energy loaded it buys it AGAIN and seems to charge an extra energy pack

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Thanks for replies. Yes I bought mega coin. And if so, that probably will be it. I’ll ticket the support for it. Thank you!

To be honest, I am not sure. I am going to do a little bit of digging.

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