Did the event reset now and teams get sorted into random pits

Did the pits reset right now ? My team just got moved to a different pit
What the hell is happening :rofl::joy:

This is typically around the normal time that the teams would get shuffled into the appropriate slot (either moving up, moving down, or staying put). So I don’t know what’s so surprising. I suppose PG did a truncated round one instead of messing up the normal round ending times for the entire event. (Not that I know from going in game, this is just my guess. It’s late here and I’ve been attempting to catch up on some forum reading… and I’m still nowhere near caught up.)

The PIts didn’t reset. Your team was moved based on how many attacks you have done and stuff.

Yep, it sorted us and reset everyone’s points. Because of the old end times of rounds are still operating and sorting while round is still going. :man_facepalming:, how is this ever going to get fixed. The round is messed up, half leagues are separated with reset points. @PGGalileo

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Not sure how fast he’ll respond considering it’s after midnight in California.

I know, but hes up weird hours and idk who else isn’t in that time zone, but just to pull attention. I sent ticket, got automated message.

u Got to be kidding :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2: One thing after another :man_facepalming:t2:

And energy is not even resetting yet. Pffft

Yep the usual end of round time activated, and it sorted everyone according, even tho round wasn’t over. Now were all separated and no way to be a fair round, especially with points resetting with new pit it thinks were in.

Man pg better shut the whole Dam event Down! This is no Way a fair game at all

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I can’t believe how this keeps screwing with teams … If anyone decides to boycott count my team in… we can’t plan shit around this cluster fck of a day… it’s disappointment after disappointment


Yes megas we’re operating right till the moment they reshuffled with no warning and the new round shows as having 1 1/2 hours left, I’m losing the will to live

This is such a mess, just cancel it and let us enjoy our weekend without multiple screw ups.


The whole event is broken. It’s a mess out there. We were saving tons for last 1 hour and suddenly Round is over. Now new round says it will end in 90 mins. Disgusting to say the least.

My guess: nothing will happen when the round counter ends, except energy cost will reset (and megas will be blocked in the middle of the round). The round will actually end at the regular time, 6 hours after round 1 ended, regardless of the timer.

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My thoughts as well, it ended at 12:06am PST, I think is the usual end time, so 06:06 am PST should be end of next round.