Did y'all forget the bonus meter in Kingdom Wars?

The points are either paying out really low or you placed the points tiers too high. If building excitement into a new event was the goal, it’s not going so well.

Perhaps an energy reset less than 24 hours? Or raise the points a little? Or add the bonus meter?

At this point, I’m just kinda done until tomorrow.


These are all points I can get behind.


So after getting rid of it (the bonus meter), they finally, months and months later realize that maybe, just maybe, they may have made a terrible mistake? :joy:

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I don’t believe a word of it. I suggest the rest doesn’t either.

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The one thing that would make this event more entertaining is a Bonus Meter!!!

I agree with @Lx460 100%.

Rofl another joke of a PvP event.

Agreed. Also, I feel like the event numbers will be skewed because of all the free energy packs ppl were credited for their siege weapons. Ppl spend free stuff faster.


This right here :point_up_2:t3:… particularly out of the gate. People are just running MC at 50%, then not even lathering or rinsing… just spamming MC’s and forcing others to try to keep up. To the OP… it makes it that much less appealing of an event since the payout and/or tiers are less than perfect. Having the same HP regardless if owned by bloods or players, just begs for targetting down and spamming more mc’s. Once the energy conversion packs run dry, and the little bit of strategy that this event adds becomes necessary, there will either be a rush of spending or a divide so large between the top teams and 3rd place and below, that most will just give up.

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