Did your build get sped up? 👀

I updated the game earlier today. As usual, the missions all became available and everything seemed the same. But later a build that was suppose to be done tomorrow showed done. I don’t recall speeding it so I put in a ticket. Now I’m wondering if it was due to the update.

Anyone experience a decrease in their build time after the update? :eyes:

Honestly I’ve never bothered with what I’ve built as long as it’s finished before fort…

Nope, and my egg missions didn’t restart like usual either.

That’s strange that we experienced different things in regards to the mission. I’m on iOS. You?

Lol I am very much on Android. I can’t even join attacks anymore just lose connection every time. As a multiplayer game it’s hardly playable at the moment.

That’s painful :flushed:

Bummer :frowning: I guess you wouldn’t be able to join a defense if I came and said hi with Chunk

I can join about 40-50% of defenses, by the time I actually get in there chunk will be long done flopping though. I have a tower at the beginning of the base and a rage drain and still get in when the fight is all but over. It’s horrible.

Let’s test this out… :smiling_imp:

That’s the fastest it’s let me into a defense in practically the entire time I’ve been playing, and right after a million fails in Atlas. Go figure lol

Egg missions back & building just completed without using speedups?

I’m wondering why you would put in a ticket? :joy:

I’m updating now, thanks! :+1:

I put in the ticket for the building being sped up … it’s unusual. And Jared did say players can be banned for exploiting glitches. :innocent:

It’s POSSIBLE the same thing happened to me. I didn’t pay attention to exactly when it happened but it was around the same time. I had a tower with 5 days left and at one point I noticed it was finished. Nothing happened to the other tower I had building so I just figured that I had accidentally double-tapped and completed it at some point without looking. I was pissed at myself when I noticed it…

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