Different healspoints for invader towers?

why are the first 10 towers easier to kill than the rest? all lvl 45, so there should be no difference! Thunderbolt kills first islands’ towers with one shot, after this island towers increase in healspoints and it takes more to kill them!!
is this intendet?

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Yeap I noticed this as well at the lower levels.

send a ticket to CS with that video or this forum thread.

Possible that the first island is not boosted while the rest are boosted

It seems islands 1 and 2 are not boosted while the rest of the base is. Tapping on towers will let you see the boosts. (This goes for player bases also, you can’t otherwise see beforehand whether a base is boosted when attacking in Atlas)

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We are looking into why the boosts are applied. I suspect they can be removed, though I don’t know for sure yet.


That is really odd. Interesting, but odd. I noticed it, but didn’t think enough about it to investigate.

Weird. :man_shrugging:

thank you​:v::+1:

Looks like the tower boost is gone now on my end.

I noticed the same thing

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