Different inerface and attacks

So, I’ve been playing for two years and I think it’s safe to say that the attacks need more variety.
I came up with an idea about how to make the attacks more interesting…

When you go to attack, the interface will be your roster dragons flying in the clouds. Then, the base options will appear on the same side as normal.

This is where it gets fun.
When you choose a base to attack and the player is online, insted of the base you would be attacking the players strongest dragon. In an RPG style. When you choose a dragon to attack with, it will fly out of the group and dive down for the attack.
If the player is offline, your dragon will still dive down for the attack, but you’ll be attacking the base at the DRAGON’S point of view

I just wish you could join a defense banner outside of game by clicking on a notification that you are being attacked… instead of just signing on to dump res

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the day wd becomes an rpg will also be the day I leave

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But then you wouldn’t be able to watch the shiny dragons :frowning:


It does. There’s a notification in the settings :blush:

First, this would require a new design that would have to be significantly more complex to be worth it on our end.

Second, it essentially makes it impossible to really defend our bases, especially in war time. This would have a huge effect.

In the end you are asking for a very different game. Just my 2 cents.


No, I’m just asking for variety in attacks.

Instead of attacking the base they would attack the strongest dragon. That would seen to require a lot of coding to work out the controls for defending and how to manage attacking the dragon without it being a boring design. To be something that would be more interesting to play it would be a huge departure from this current game, essentially a different game.

Anything that affects attacking a base and defending it would affect wars. There is no question there.

What did I get wrong?

It won’t be a completely different game, I’m just trying to add a little story, like the tutorial. :slightly_smiling_face:

Why you gotta lie like that

Given how long WD loads, I doubt it will happen in near future…

Me either just ultimately is a shame if you think about it, why not make attacker wait a few extra seconds? If you were quick enough to hit notification in same time you would a banner or somethin like that then attacker should rather u join their battle or ur just gonna dump resources and waste time regardless

I don’t understand why a defender can’t join at any point during the attack. Why have just the short window at the beginning, particularly if it’s your own base and especially because the game take so long to load that it’s impossible (?) to defend if you’re outside of the game?


You’ll be able to defend your base like normal. I didn’t put that in because I didn’t change it

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