Different types of dragons (around 7-8 types)

Hey there, my last post was about different looking dragons and I got feedback from that about how later on they look better and from the feedback I thought why not have more types of dragons as the player progresses through the game not just 3 types the whole game. Also I would like to say that not every new player knows there are better looking dragons later on so maybe the devs should make a COUPLE of the early game dragons a bit cooler if you know what I mean to hook them into the game. :grin:
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4 types now. But adding a fundamentally new dragon class that’s significantly different from existing classes is no trivial exercise, and there is no great need for it either. Dragons differentiate themselves plenty through their spell sets.

Maybe, but some of them are already pretty cool/different looking (like Kinnara, Arborius, Jura, Etzel, Enki, Ankor, Amarok, Septys, Ettin, Hugin), and reaching Sapphire doesn’t take all that long either. And in the mean time you still get current-season seasonal dragons with current-quality looks as well.


nine months minimum with elite :thinking:

I’d call that more of a maximum, it can be done a lot faster. 300k tokens in 9 months is pretty glacial pacing.


They have 4 type classes currently, of which hunters and invokers are viable, warriors are really only viable as mythics and most sorcerers arent viable at all whether they’re mythics or not. I dont think we need even more classes when half of the ones we currently have are lack luster. They need to work on the classes we already have before coming up with more. Plus they havent even started to support or really even use invokers yet

Yeah we’re good with 4 classes.
Remember when someone posted about a possible fifth class called Berserk, because his Gig and Ronin fused together in a bug and formed a new Dragon called Ginen and had spell sets of both the dragons.
He even pitched the idea that the dragon could have two breaths, one hunter and one warrior breath.
I feel that the New Invoker Class sums the best of the sorcerer and hunter classes pretty well and a possible hunter-warrior hybrid is an idea too soon to even develop.

I’m in sapphire with no elite account and it took me 7 months, all depends on how much you play.

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I counted and it took me a year :upside_down_face:

Token earn rate accelerates with level. So early on 100k tokens is like a treasure hoard. Now, it’s a month of token rewards.

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