Differing Spring *fuedal caste system* Packs

Please post your respective spring packs here! I want to see the variety and see if there are any patterns:

Edit: I’ve determined You get a higher amount (both sigils and price) if you by the first one.
From another chat:

Edit 2:

Level 117

I don’t think there is a difference
Level 143
That’s in canadian dollars

See edit in main post. Apparently if you buy the first one, it increase for the next chest.

I got Spring King pack, $99…
… comes with a 3D printed crown and my IGN on it.


I was acclaimed Prince-Archbishop of our feudal Springstate, and so I receive a tithe of 30 egg tokens for every 300 tokens bought by the Spring Knights. I pledge to spend them lawfully and goodly.


From another chat:

Buy the knight pack, you open the prince pack and so forth.

They all seem to be the exact same ratio though so no discounts for buying more

$10 - 300 - 500
$50 - 1500 - 2500
$100 - 3000 - 5000

You can be honorary solution :grin:


Who would imagine the joke was real…
Or is reality a joke?

Hmm, seems like it would be better just to get a normal pack and buy sigil chests next week

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