Digital Art Academy classes in 3d design

Next we are tackling post production with a free open source software very similiar to Photoshop and can do just as much.

Look in the academy for this class.

Then the following class is a beginners class in lighting. This is probably the most challenging and most frustrating thing about graphic art. It is also the most impactful.

Please leave your comments here about what you want to see me cover.

The image was completely done in Daz with l9ghting and a simple background.


This is my first piece of digital art and first concept art. WD got me into drawing. I need to learn more about shading and stuff.

The dragon got a bit fomhar’s color contrast and the head shape is mimicking icicle. He is currently named fomcicle. I wish to fly fom again and enjoy icicle with better spells.[



Very nice, practice every day and you will see great improvement. This is very nice.

Thank you!

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I drew this with the software krita. I have krita files of this. The software is free. I still need to learn a lot of techniques from the web to put more details into the dragon. I did the eye but not the jaws and claws, wing patterns etc.

Edit#1: Tried to include the whole dragon, and edited jaws and belly.
Edit#2: Added wing special effects.
Edit#3: Changed color scheme. Added some background


Nailed it!!

I drew an invoker that used the butterfly morpho color and an invoker’s body build that’s similar to morak.

Edit#1: cleaned up some of the armors that don’t look great; increased color contrast around the eye.

Edit#2: The second dragon is a female that has a rounder head shape than pathox. Her body build could be animated to be a sorcerer or a hunter. Edit#2.5: changed her eyes and added tail fur.


Big improvement lol


I Like them

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This was my first ever digital drawing made on Adobe Draw. Now I mostly work on procreate. I’ll redo this drawing when K have free time. I’m curious how it will look like with more contrast and depth

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