DILL1GAF - Join the Revolution

LFM – Platinum 2 (Rebranded Sapphire 1 core) – DILL1GAF – 186


Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Played time: 6 months +
Age Range: 18 +
Elite Account?: Up to you but helps
Dragon Roster Includes: Dragons in line with level
Highest Lineage Dragon: Dragons in line with level

If you’re looking for a free ride don’t stop here. We are a core group of Sapphire players rebranding ourselves after a terrible merge attempt between 2 good teams. Looking to keep as many of us together we have been fortunate enough to bring DILL1GAF back to life! We are looking for highly motivated players to join our Revolution! If you can meet our minimum requirements whatever your level we would welcome you into our twisted family!

Merges into DILL1GAF will be considered, however circumstances must be ideal after our previous experiences.

Atlas :white_check_mark:

Castles :white_check_mark:

Sapphire Leadership :white_check_mark:

Find me IG @ XxWarEaglexX or PM me here for more information

I think I perfered the other team name :grin:

:shushing_face:. This one is very fitting right now :joy::rofl:

Haha well if the name fits. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Still need a few good players!

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Platinum at league change. We are looking to continue our rise through the ranks and could use a few very active players to join the Revolution! PM me here or in game for more information!

XxWarEaglexX :eagle:

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DILL1GAF will be P3 at league change and is still seeking highly motivated players to join!

You guys seriously have the most awesome recruiting posters :star_struck:


Thank You! I have some very talented people here.

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