[Dinosaurs] Idea for next Summer Season's Theme


NOOOOOO!! :rofl::rofl: :t_rex:


I know that’s a picture of Pog. But Pog’s a dragon. Not a dionsaur :rofl::rofl:


I thought Pog is a winged dinausaur… (☉∆☉)



Story line idea…
What if kharnyx was the reason dinosaurs went extinct in the war dragons universe. Like I dunno she went back in time to collect this dinosaur dragon hybrid for her army,(like I dunno a flying indoraptor​:man_shrugging:). Then once she was done she was like i don’t like this place cuz they made her feel tiny so she summoned the great meteor from the sky and wiped them out, then ran home for tea.:man_shrugging:



Look at this cutie here. I would love to see something like this.


How rad would it be to have a dragon flying in the raptor death pose :smiley:


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