Dioskouri....new dragon?

How do you get this dragon?

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It’s exclusive to Android. It’s a very low level dragon.

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Useful when first starting out (purple tier) but not a game changer - might have been breeding that unlocked it… but that was a long time ago.

Red tier Dragon for Android users as said. He was almost as useful as Kinnara.

Hey don’t bag kinnara she served me well with >10k AP which was a big deal back then… :joy:

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Dioskouri is obtained after breeding and hatching any Purple-tier dragon. While he does not need to be bred himself, you may have to talk with Support about actually obtaining him after completing the required steps.

Wait what? I never criticized Kinnara at the first place, I only meant that Dioskouri was the second best Dragon when I was a newbie in Red Tier. Back then Summon Warrior was a big advantage to absorb damage and improve DPS, I totally agree with you, I still have fond memories of young Dragon Lord me and Kinnara burning bases together… :blush: Now I’m still doing it with her Crowned mode on (Kinnarus :heart:).

Oh misunderstood cos you said dioskuri almost as good as kinnara. He isn’t. He can’t hold a candle to kinnara :joy:

Sorry if I made it sound like Kinnara wasn’t the beast she was. It’s been like forever since I expert them, I don’t remember exactly but they were both useful, of course Kinnara was the best! Dioskouri died too fast.

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