Disable attacking players of lower level

I have read too many of power abuse and bullying in WD. Since the game is all about war it would be great if it’s a fair game between players of almost same level.
I suggest locking or disabling attack button if you are attacking a player who is 5/10 levels lower than yours.

Just like egg mission where you get tokens only by attacking players higher than certain levels. Introducing this change will also help structure teams with all levels of players.

Ummm no…its been brought up multiple times before and always gotten the same arguments and responses.

A war game is a war game no holding back. Is it fair for someone larger to hit someone smaller no it’s not but life and war are not fair. Ignore the hits and move on and enjoy the game. If they start farming you as in same player multiple times a day reach out but just from different players means your base has a good setup for egg token missions and people are just trying to get them done quick.


:roll_eyes: Disable attack…

Rebuilding team can’t progress.
It kills the fun of killing higher level…

Glory (Atlas) and Raid (main game) scaling is already applied, so it shouldn’t matter…

Plus new players can’t see shiny dragons flown by high leveled players.


Is it fair that I can attack and defeat someone 150 levels above me? No its not, but Imma do it anyway.


Not sure what level you are now but come at me bro :joy:


This is an excellent suggestion if your goal was to kill off the game entirely :see_no_evil:

If that was not your intent, then this suggestion is an awful one, because it would kill the game…

Edit: and if you make it so bigger players cannot hit lower players, then they need protection because if you have people like @Daedalus coming to beat the crap out of your base but are utterly unable to retaliate because the game literally prevents you from attacking back? Yeah, THAT’S going to go over really well :unamused:


I would but UVS is currently on an egg token mission. :scream:

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Can I ask what abuses of power. What qualifies as an abuse? And what do you define as bullying?

Because almost always big players are penalised hard for attacking lower level players. In events they get bad points, resources raids, they get minimal rewards, atlas, they get horrible glory, castles, glory scaling and bubble duration.

Yes a big player will expend zero effort beating a base that’s lower than them. But they aren’t gaining and you aren’t losing. I don’t see this as an abuse.

And simply, if big players cannot be stronger than others what is the point? You then get limited at the top tiers to such a small amount of players to interact with. You essentially get stronger to play with fewer players.

As for the bullying side of things. What exactly do you mean by this? There are very few things outside of atlas where someone can truly take decent damage. If you mean farming, how much is too much? How do you then deal with egg token bases? What about people who are practicing?

This is a war game and restrictions really have a massive impact on the game. The scales aren’t even by design.

So then a high level player creates a team with 49 tiny players. He declares wars against teams of players that are higher level than those 49 players. No one on those teams can attack anyone but him while he backs all 49 attacks to 5 flame everyone, winning wars.
If you’re a level 150, why does it matter if a 400 or a 200 hit you? Either way your base was beat.

These two sentences show a great disparity as one want limit if 5-10 levels yet uses an example of what they are looking for that allows players to attack over 100 levels below them.

For two teams in an official war all targets NEED to be available for a player to attack of a team could win merely because they are full of low level players. That just seems very wrong.

For resources, I do not tend to find much in the way of lumber (or food) at lower levels. We tend to attack way higher than us to get lumber. Lower levels only useful for egg token missions which already have a low level limited as OP pointed out.

For XP, it has never been good to attack lower and use Atlas bases and before that used XP bases.

So OPs request does not make sense.

This is a perfect example of my first point.

Would that be a coup de grâce?

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