Disable Banners in Event Menu

For literal years now, it has been a problem where when you are scrolling through event tabs or opening chests and suddenly an attack or defend banner starts popping up on the screen. The very notion of this pop-up often crashes the game 80% of the time.

Further more, I don’t think anyone clicks on those banners while in the event to begin with. If people are watching for banners, they wouldn’t be doing it while in the event tabs.

depending on the event i might

but i’ve also never had it crash my game either, so it doesn’t bother me


I was thinking of PvP events specifically as those are the ones where I have encountered the most trouble with banners.

I haven’t had it crash my game. What I have had it do was to leave the banner forever. Not sure of the actions that happen, but maybe see the banner, go into event and do an attack, come back, and the banner is still there, just not doing anything. Like they failed to have a hook to repaint the screen, and then have the same screen in memory to show me, but it’s corrupted by the banner.

Similar to bulls eyes on the bridge never getting unset. Or a white bar on Android where the system arrows/home icon sometimes appear if you swipe up.

And then, to fix the screen painting issues, I have to exit/re-enter.

Still, I’m not a fan of fixing a real issues like crashes or failures to repaint screen properly, with hacks like removing functionality.


I click on them all the time. I don’t actually sit in game waiting for defense banners, but if I happen to be in game and see one, I’ll click.

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I dont get the crashing but every pvp, especially any time we’re racing I get that damn immortal banner glitch that blocks the top of the screen until I reload the game

I would :blue_heart: LOVE :blue_heart: if we could disable banners during pvps. Seriously, loooooooove it


That one is nasty - never encountered a banner while in flight before.

I think it’s an android issue. I get them a lot in pvps and atlas. Real fun trying to fly when the top part of the screen is blocked and cant be interacted with so you cant nuke upcoming shields and howitzers :sob::sob::skull_and_crossbones:


here is a one pic, i can defend while attacking.
if u fly hunter u will know how annoying is that block visual and tapping at top of the screen

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Well excuse me I still want to see war and atlas attacks/ defends while I’m in event thank you very much

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The ‘stuck’ banners happen (only android afaik) when the banner appears just as you start an attack. It’s a big problem in gauntlet because everyone starts runs when a new PvP appears.


the one i hate is when you send an @ group for an castle defense and then immediately attack a prim … the “these players have notifications disabled” will pop up mid flight around the second or third island :man_facepalming:t2:


I had that happen earlier today, popped up right as I was turning the corner on 6 and I got rage drained as I was trying to get rid of it. Im not sure why that menu seems to override all other menus and parts of the game.


i get this notification around 40-50 sec after i @group

Here is the event in which I was thinking about. I can’t do anything with the amount of banners overloading in the event tab.

Want to open chests? Denied.
Want to attack? Denied.
Want to claim prizes? Denied.

Have to constantly restart with this event.