Disagreement with new cost in the game

Good evening, my disagreement is that price of elite normal and atlas accounts increased excessively, as well as all the package. The elite atlas account was already very expensive, and it was difficult for us to make your purchase due to the low income we are having due to pandemic, I was about to renew my normal elite account, but when trying to buy it I found new prices in everything and now I was not able to acquire it.

It is the same cost for me it has always been. What country are you in?


What currency you use, they seem the same to me.


In Mèxico

The elite account of $749.00 did us to $1029.00, and thus we see excessive increases in everything

Happened to me in my iPad but my Android phone remains the same

En iOS we all increased prices

I have the same prices and i use ios

Exaggerated increases appear to us in everything.

How can I add photos?

I don’t see a change in mine at all either they are punishing those who spend because of salary and economic reasons both due to corona and greed for wealth reasons.

Plus it seems like you have a case of Spanish currency as well. Dias = days in Spanish and 1 week Cost 5x as much as English dollars a month cost 6 - 7x’s as much While a month is a life’s savings.

The only the prices in Mexican currency rose

i’ve stopped buying normal elite 2 months ago and buy atlas elite for one week when i really have a lot of troops to revive.
Didnt seem they were worth having compared to the way how pg were turning a blind eye to the bugs and glitches.
You can always compensate for normal elite ,with some legendary wisdom runes and glyphs during breeding.
Im still disappointed in how atlas elite works in this game. You cant be very atlas active without elite.
In the other games, elite was just an additional help, and very active players could still play at their best if they wanted to ,without needing an elite pass.


This is likely the App Store adjusting due to a worsening exchange rate. The price points are normally determined in USD and Apple/google adjust to a fixed price in the local currency. Every now and then these conversion rates are reviewed and adjusted.

For once you can’t blame PG.


Good point, off topic but Sigil pricing has gone up as well so you can see why I say economic greed has increased which mean either a plummet of wealth or their is most likely a downward spiral in payments made to PG. It’s normally just apart of business and productivity of the games progression.
Never really took elite money into consideration by country but their is major differences if you live in another country like Japan, China, Mexico, etc. just never know why the cost’s are so high.

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20 Mexican pounds = about 1USD

It’s not cheap, trust me. I know from past experience

For us it was an increase de 38% in everything, the players on my team who pay an elite monthly atlas account will stop doing it due to the huge rise in prices, since this increase is only being applied to Mexican. The leader of my team pays month for the elite atlas account, but she is a nurse and has to buy her protective equipment to treat patients Covid19, and I think she will stop paragon the elite atlas account.

The increase in prices depends on the country, not on PG


From April 2019 to April 2020 the value of Mexican Peso increased roughly 35% against USD. Going from c18 to c24 MXN /USD. This would explain the 38% price rise. It’s just exchange rate mechanism at play and nothing to do with PG.

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Exchange rates are set by Apple for App Store and Google for Play Store. They convert the USD price of the pack into local currency. PG has no say in the exchange rate.

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