Disappearing Dragons


First and foremost, I have sent in a ticket. I received one response and haven’t gotten another in hours.

This breeding I was able to get enough tokens and fragments to get Jul, Hauhaset, and Gorgonus.
I bred Jul at event beginning, and spent the next day getting him breedable.
I woke up this morning and started the auto breed for Hauhaset, completed her with the 30k tokens required and then put her in the incubator.
I then went on to breed Gorgonus with the remaining tokens, and used a few fragments I had saved up as well to finish it off.

I then left to go to work with Hau in the incubator and Gorgonus left waiting.

I got to work and went to check team mails and noticed Hau had disappeared from my incubator and the breeding castle showed as if I had never bred her, but my tokens were still gone as well as the fragments I had used to finish Gorgonus.

Sent in a ticket… they said I never bred Hau.

I had more than enough tokens to finish Gorgonus without using mystics. If I was only breeding gorg, my frags would have never been touched.

So now I am out 30k+ tokens, and 100+ fragments, and still no further answers.

I am just about done at this point.


Include your ticket number and maybe @Arelyna could take a look at it? Can also ask to escalate it inside the ticket


My ticket number is #1339670
I haven’t had a reply in hours so I haven’t asked for escalation yet.


Hey kate that sucks hopefully doesnt happen to me was about to start breeding hau this event myself.


I hope it doesn’t either. Luckily for me it was just a 30k backbreed and not 200k like apophet was.


Didnt think I’d run into you on here lol. Hope everything is well. Hau will be my primary apo will be my backbreed. Probably regret it later but really wanted hau first.


It’s just Hau, not worth complaining over



I need her to breed. So it is to me.


Sorry i was really just kidding around lol. @Lutrus hasn’t read it yet but will understand haha

Anyways i hope you get your ticket solved and the dragon back in your incubator. But at least it wasn’t hatched already and you are out timers too :neutral_face:


That’s true. Part of me thinks I should have went ahead and hatched, part of me is glad I didn’t.


Flee mech, flee…




Nearing 5 hours later and still no reply. Does anyone know how long is typical for a response…?


Do you keep bumping your own ticket? It gets put into the back of the queue each time you respond/reply to it.


No. I haven’t replied in 4 hours.


Please PM me @TacoLibreKate


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