Disappearing rubies

Has anyone noticed rubies Disappearing? I had 500 disappear from my account. Had screenshots of when they were there, then later when they weren’t. I turned In a ticket, and first, they asked me to provide screenshots and asked when it had happened…even though I’d already provided screenshots WITH THE TIME STAMPS! So I pointed this out to them, and 9 hours later they message me back claiming that I bought 250 egg tokens for 500 rubies. I really know that didn’t happen, but I suppose for arguments sake it’s possible right? Maybe I missclicked? Because I’d never do that intentionally. Especially outside of breeding event when I already have over 100k tokens, and I could easily get 240 tokens for a mere 90 rubies by speeding up missions. So I mentioned it in my team chat, and another player tells me the same thing happened to her. So that leads us to here. Anyone else hearing anything about this?

Create an in-game ticket asking for a log of your ruby comings and goings over the last X days.

you know that’s going to take a lot of time. Since he mentioned where the 500 rubies disappeared to, CS just searched for that ruby spending.

so most likely, OP miss clicked and forgot that it happened.

I actually have a screenshot of the exact time the tokens were supposedly spent. They were still there. So unless I missclicked immediately after taking the shot, it’s complete b.s. but that is good advice. I’ll ask support for the logs.

the result would still be the same to be honest. even if they pulled your previous ruby spending, the result will show that you used 500 rubies to purchase 250 tokens.

You’re probably right. But I’m not letting them down easy. The fact is though I’m not a heavy spender, I’ve dropped a few hundred bucks into this game over the last two years and it infuriates me that they won’t simply roll back this one oddball purchase for me. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look at my history and see that it’s unusual. Plus, whatever happened to the customer is always right!? When I worked in the food service industry, if a cutomer wasnt satisfied with their meal, they were offered something to compensate them. Department stores do equal value trade ins, and refunds every day. Im not asking for anything extra. Just want my rubies back. They can have the egg tokens.

Just to play devil’s advocate, I have worked in food service, retail, and now education. While the general consensus is that the customer is “usually” right, they are not “always” right, and they don’t always get their way. Not trying to be unsympathetic, and it can’t hurt to try. But generally speaking when it comes to purchases made in-game, even if it’s with in game currency, I don’t know of too many developers that will go the way of the customer on that… but good luck! I know I have made worse mistakes (spent 4k rubies to accidentally level a primarch) and just said… well, that was my mistake… gotta live with it

Id agree with you IF it was my mistake. But I didn’t buy the tokens. The game is rife with bugs right now, so it’s not surprising that these kinds of things are happening. The point of this post was to find out if it happened to anyone else.

I mentioned to my team earlier that it looked like a random number of rubies had vanished from my account. It went from 18k and some change to 17k which was the only reason I noticed it.

I just assumed I bought something when I woke up by accident even though nothing had been added to my account. Maybe a coincidence but there we are.

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Twice I’ve hit the “Buy With Rubies” button accidently and my rubies got deducted before it would ask you for confirmation and not just take rubies, but now hit it once and their gone.

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