Disappearing war runs

3 different wars over 2 days, with 2 different people involved. All did their run the night war started and got 7 flames. I have our war chat to confirm this. The next day, the contribution list says they have 0 flames and have not run at all. The first time it looked like it just bugged out when the player on the enemy team left mid war. It showed them on the war screen crossed off but no attacker and no ‘left team’. This second time however, it is not the case. No one has left on either of the 2 teams we’re warring and our chat logs show 7 flames. We confirmed it through war screen and contribution list after the runs completed.

Please look into this.

Have you submitted a ticket about this? If not, please do and PM me the ticket number!

Happened to me and a few people on my team too :eyes:

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