Disappearing war

Soooo we had a war going on since yesterday… and at finishing time… it just disappeared and cannot see it anymore in wars tab… i know we got the points as our rating was affected by it. Anyone had this problem?


I just logged on and I don’t see the one we were doing yesterday as well.

I was just talking about this to my officers. We didn’t get mail or chat notification of the wins, but our ranking was definitely affected by it.

We had two that we just finished and they are still showing in the war window so you can view results.

Same problem here.
Due to time zones I can’t be on when war finishes. Just got on and the war window says we have no active wars so I can’t see it. I have no mail of the result. Nothing. The only way I can tell the result is to look at the next egg token give out to see if it is more or less than usual.

@Arelyna Do you know if this will be fixed? Is this a new bug? Going to be frustrating to start a war and not know what all transpired?


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My team completed the second day of wars early do to it being a short war, and we got the notification, email and everything. (This is after the first day vanished on us.)

Good to know… thanks for your update

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Not sure what happened with the first ones, but it does seem to have resolved itself. (I can see my own team’s War results). If this pops up again, please do let us know!


My team had two wars and one doesn’t show up nor did the tokens for the win. What’s the resolution?

Two wars finished 25+ hrs ago are showing. The two most recent have disappeared and I don’t know if we won or not. They should have finished but I can’t see them.

I just sent in a ticket for our war that most recently ended. It’s just vanished. Nothing in war menu, nothing in chat, and nothing in mail.

It is not solved, and its only the won wars which disappear.

Lost wars are visible.

Last war we won, some of our team could see it, some of them couldn’t

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Same with mine. And some had the completed war stay briefly, but vanish at some point.

Seems like you can tell which war will disappear @Arelyna . Mine have been disappearing when there is no announcement in team chat of the results and no system mail has gone out. There may be other factors, but those are the 2 I’ve noticed.

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:eyes: Poof… It was gone, just like that :joy:

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We’ve passed this to the engineers to investigate what’s going on here!


What? :face_with_monocle:

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