Disappointed with new chest opening visuals

I’m a believer in progressive game development and enhancement, but I am disappointed in the new chest opening visual.

The dragon animation may be cute. Once. But to have to click skip every time is painful to say the least. And it’s not every time, its twice. Twice as painful. What’s more, it is a waste of good coding, battery life, and processing, especially in the light of much more significant issues that plague the system like not being able to open basic functions (get into atlas, open a castles tab, use a portal) on a frequent and consistent basis.

I like the visibility of what’s in the chests, but the font is tiny and the scrolling … well I’m not a fan.

I cannot fathom the design decision to place swirly background graphics on each of the chests opened. This to me is also a waste of good coding and graphics power.

The contrast between font and background making it increasingly hard to read. This would significantly fail the accessibility standards for readability.

All in all I find this an underwhelming and seemingly pointless addition to the game, and a distraction for PG from the core issues that are driving people to quit in frustration. It took more than 10 attempts to get Atlas to open on my phone this morning. Why do I persist? Because I am a leader and people depend on me to be there. I am committed to THEM, not to the PG view of the game where multiple recurring daily issues are to be considered the ‘norm’ and ‘thank you for your patience, the team are looking at server lag’.

Please PG, take a good hard look at where your resources are going. Don’t skimp on server architecture for the sake of a pretty dragon chest-opening animation that is old the second time you see it. At least give us the option to hide it in settings.



Let me add:

The chests dropping from monument are the new (most recent) look, and by the time they get to the Armoury they age a decade. Very consistent.

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How do you even find that. I did a search before I posted as I was sure someone had beaten me to it, and searching on ‘chests’ turned up nothing recent. How do I look up that reference # as it does not show as an active link here on my ipad, not do i get a result if I use that number in the search…
Just saying it can be hard to find the relevant content.

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