Disaster across the board



Ok, so here we go again. Try to simply play an event or even to help my group in local battles, and I end up watching the travel screen and restarting the game more than getting to play the game. 5 million downloads…think about it, 4.99 for an elite account, that’s just shy of 25 million dollars. You’d think with just that, the game would work. Let’s not get started on the additional fees to evolve dragons. My point being, this game has made enough money to seek out bugs, however it has become more and more of a glitched game than a pleasurable game to play. Layman’s terms, WTF!?


I don’t think you can calculate it like that but I know what you mean :joy:


If you want an easy guess how many active players they have, use an alt and build a lvl1 tower with wood during fortification or use 20 egg tokens during breeding and then check your global rank at the end of the event.
Last time I checked it was around 50k players I think.

Fixing bugs doesn’t make them any money so they only use as many resources on bugfixing as really needed.
History has shown that WD players are very resilent and still keep spending even when they know that their spending behaviour encourages PG to keep going the way they are going.


Also if you think about it- the 2nd rule of trying to fix an issue is uninstall and then reinstall the game… Plus people get new devices to play on which throws off those numbers. I’d be very interested to know how many of those 5 mil were unique downloads lol


Given how many issue can be fixed by simply redownload the game, it’s not unusual… :roll_eyes:


Divide that by a minimum of 10… maybe 20+ on Android. :see_no_evil: Based on the instability of the most recent couple patches for some, that might be true for iOS now too.


You just opened my eyes on Illuminati conspiracy!!!
So they forcing us to reinstall the game to keep app in top in AppStore :scream_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


That’s the first thing I did before I even messaged PG about it. They are finally admitting there is an issue.


Already uninstalled and installed it three times…just today. Besides, what kind of company stands by a glitch with an answer like, redownload and it’ll cure the bug. Not true in the slightest.


Why not? That was the low ball price they give, they’ve got many packages at 50, even 100 bucks. 25 mil is a low number for the project.



Yeah I saw the download numbers out of the 5 million downloads there is only a small percentage left playing the game.

The ones who left saw the light and didn’t drink the coolade.


Live and learn😎


What mech said :point_up:
Do your research :wink:


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