Disaster to write our team description

We want to change our team description to make it more creative und attractive👍 But when we want to put it in, it was a disaster😡

We can’t paste the designed description🤦‍♂️
We can’t put wordwraps in it🙄
We can’t put Emojis in it (the old one has some):man_shrugging:
And we only can change something at the end or at the beginning of our description🤦‍♂️

Do anyone else have the same problems?


You can paste on an iPad using the paste button in the toolbar on top of the keypad is the easiest way


On Android theres a paste bottom too. and I try with an external keyboard, but nothing works

Your getting mad/upset about not able to change your team “description”?

When there’s more important thing to be dealt with :eyes:

Does anyone even read team descriptions? They’re all 100% BS anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


We are a small team und want to get bigger👍 Like the good old Days😍We want to show players that we can offer Atlas and many more🤷‍♂️I know that there are so many bugs in this game but this one is so frustrating😅We have spend a lot of time in the new description

Why don’t you make a new team and make a brand new description :man_shrugging:t2:

Just get all your members to switch to the new team :man_shrugging:t2:

No Atlas then :rofl:


Then they must earn it again :sunglasses::ok_hand:
For the team!!! :joy:

The best solution I’ve ever heard🤦‍♂️

Just a wild thought here, but have you tried clearing the whole old description (keep a copy just in case), save, then tried to paste the whole thing again? With or without restarting the app after saving the empty description.

Have you tried to paste it bit by bit and save? Maybe there’s a character limit you are exceeding.

Have you tried without emojis first? Maybe it’s just an unknown problem with emojis.

If nothing works, maybe you could painfully copy it manually. I know it sucks and I’d hate to do it too but it may be the solution for now

I’m not a team leader so I can’t experiment, but I’m stubborn. If something doesn’t work I try to find loopholes. I hope these tricks might help you get that description fixed!

(Don’t listen to people telling you to start a new team, a crappy description isn’t worth the trouble :sweat_smile:)

Thanks for your ideas😘We’ve tried all these ideas too😅We can’t copy or paste everything🙈We tried without emojis and the letter limit ist over 2000.
Our new description has a special format und we want to try it🙈And without wordwraps it looks like shit😂

As far as I know it’s never supported word wraps, the one that exists likely just has extra spacing to move things where you need them. (I don’t recall if html works but you can try line break tags)

It has always been difficult. You may need to clear out the whole thing by holding down backspace.

Description has always been problematic like this. As far as I know you can paste into it, but you gotta clear it out first. And I don’t think it lets you copy the existing contents. And as you said it won’t line up perfectly.

Might be a nice to have but it’s been this way for a long time.

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