Disbanded/disbanding/inactive teams

Hello fellow flyers!
I’m back again with another question lmao, are there any atlas teams that have disbanded recently or are just inactive/low on activity and can be taken over or are looking to rebuild or something?
pm me in game please, or drop your name by, i will contact you, thanks


I have some that I can pm you

Would be really nice, thank you!

Love your determination!

hahaha thank you! I just want to move up nicely in the game, as everyone does. Any help is appreciated.

If you know of one that can be taken over I would like as well

Lets do it together lol😂

Message me with what your plans are

Still looking for one, if anyone’s giving their team away? or looking to have it rebuilt. Help me please​:sob::joy::joy:

There are several teams I’ve seen posting they are disbanding and need new leader. I can reach out to them if you’re still looking.


Please Let me know if you have any team, i will take over and have more than 40 active players on my team currently. Thanks

better hurry and find one soon inactives are going phoof

I would really love that, please!

You know some?:yum:

Have you looked at the list of teams in past atlas rollouts? Could go through and check up on and message them. Anybody with 40 active players interested in atlas should be able to get through them pretty quickly.

Or use a source like https://dragon-manager.com/atlas_rankings

nah i dont i just know soon pg will be removing them

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@DarkQueen316 it also makes a difference on what alliance you are wanting to be affiliated with, as the team I know of it DOA. So if you’re interested then just @ me and I will see what I can do for you.

@GhostEffect85 i @‘d you :joy:, yes i’m still interested!

As long as ur welling to fight the what everyone calls dread side :laughing:

can i bring this back since everyone else is also doing the same?:joy: