Disbanding guild

How do I disband a guild I joined, leader left, I became leader, name was changed. I didn’t know I was joining a trap.

Kick all the remaining members then leave the team


Everyone left, before I kicked them, now I can’t leave. I’ve tried joining a new guild, but I keep getting these responses. They say on their end in chat I’ve joined 15x :unamused:

I get an error msg:

Error accepting the invitation

Followed by:

Error connecting to the server. You must be connected to the internet.

Well I am connected @ 27 mps

-make sure you have your pocket id
-log out
-start playing as a new player and get to lvl 6
-have that alt join the team you want to leave
-make them leader
-log back in to your account
-see if you can leave now

Can’t accept any invitation if you’re alone.

Try submit a ticket?

@PhantomHeart65 does this team have atlas by chance?

This sounds like the same situation. You should be able to leave, as demonstrated in the thread. If not, you can try talking to Support, or just take the quick route that that OP did, and get someone to send their alt to your team, so you can leave.

No atlas.

What’s your guild name? I’ll put my alt in it and you can make it leader.

This is how you do it… stay over with a new account. When at lvl 6 go to the member hut? Search for your other acct guild name. Join. Once in there, switch back to leader account. Make the new acct leader, then take your older account wherever you want. Anything not clear, email me back.


I finally made another alt and got out.There is another person that joined and asked me to come back. I emailed him and asked if he was seriously wanting to make a guild or just wanting out. Never answered. Thank you for offering.


There should be a disband button


The team has been disbanded

Give me the guild name I’ll have my float acct join

My alt has disbanded it already. Thanks though :rose:

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