Disbanding Teams

So, I have received a survey from PG, asking why I still play the game (perhaps they are surprised - I know I am) and how atlas has affected the game. The most notable affect I have seen are teams disbanding. I know of two teams who have disbanded in the past 24 hours; ChaosDriven and LesVolturis. What teams have you seen disappear in the last year?

Did they Atlas? Someone is looking for Atlas for their team. Maybe they can resurrect it? :eyes:

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Just saw SuaSpontex had disbanded recently.

Big thanks and shout out to @Bliink for setting up his base as farms only during recent the Temple Raid event.



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I thought that was cause they lost Atlas … not due to inactivity


We at RebornPhoenix are willing to take in any players from disbanding teams that still want to participate

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We’ll take in members too but you’ll need to be able to touch your ankles without bending your knees :sunglasses:

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Chaos was saphire 3 they paid us a visit at our castles about 9 hours ago that was quick.

Forgot about AbuzementPark.

RainbowRoom (although last I checked they had 3-4 players down in lower leagues)

BrutalExodus vanished fast.
Although i love xEmberxEgg that their player helps me out for missions

Some team with the name “sky” in it

xSuaSpontex didn’t disband (to my knowledge), they merged with New Prophecy - on their journey to D2 domination…first D2, then D1…then the WORLD

Oh wait…nvm, lol…now I see that xSuaSpontex is gone, just 1 member - so yeah, the merge ended up with one less Sapphire level team

I wouldn’t swear by it but I think there was a silent ban wave recently, that left some Gold+ teams incomplete. Saw a couple of truncated teams fall to Gold 1 where the entire division ganged up on them, further fracturing them. Loners101 and something like “KayaliMayli” or whatever. Went from three dozen players to 8-9 in a matter of days. The former regrouped by the end of it, them having Atlas and all, but I’m pretty sure the latter is dead.

I say ban wave because there were some suspicious bases there still. Like a level 180 (i think) that was actually 95 (penalized / reset, glitched?). Someone also briefly mentioned a level 120 with a level 40+ tower. Sadly they forgot to take note of their IGN.

Yeah, they had Atlas taken away for alleged cheating

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If atlas was removed i dont think you need the “alleged”.


I’m British, I’m just being polite :wink:


We (Loners101) merged with another member of our alliance after there was a small Atlas skirmish that revealed our weaknesses. Our higher members joined the highest team in our 5ta to consolidate power and the lower members mostly moved on to other teams more their speed. It wasn’t originally intended to happen like that, but some weren’t happy about not making the cut or the restructure in and of itself and moved on. There was no cheating or banning involved at all, just strategy.

Edit: Wanted to add, the levels appearing different (180 vs 95) glitch happens when someone has more than one account on the same device. In all likelihood, that person just has an alt.

I heard Outlaws disbanding ,but haven’t checked

Edit : figured that ppl just making gossips

Heard that rumor too but they were still showing 50 players when I checked earlier this morning…

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Brutal exodus disbanded too not too long ago