Discount🤔 at the store?


So the game is saying a discount but it’s all the same stuff for the same price how is the discount actually working or is it just a marketing strategy?


Discounted during event you’ll find after event packs will change price most likely wont but what you receive will lesser… therefore discounted packs…
Correct me if I’m wrong


Marketing. And I don’t believe games are held to the same pricing laws as retailers.


You got your answer right there in the question, pal.

And all the pricing is gearing towards buying rubies for gold chests.


Full Price Pack

Discount Pack

Basically you’re receiving items that equate to 75% more than the basic rubies pack (although you are getting 128% more rubies too :thinking:)


well The kingdom pack has allways had the same amount of rss but I’m not sure if it has allways been displaying 75% off or maybey I have not paid attention to that.


It’s a pretty basic marketing technique.

They take the converted ($) value of all the items in said package (X rubies + X tokens + X chests + etc) and then use a simple fraction to tell you what type of discount you are getting when you purchase all of these items together.


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