Discount branch vs. token boost timing question

Not sure if this belongs in Strategy or not but seemed like it might. Sorry if not.

So my question to you numbers-crunching maniacs out there… Have you done any calculation on whether it’s better to go for the discounted branch immediately (more so for the discounted other stuff than the dragon most times) or only after getting the token boost? Until last season, we always had to wait for the last dragon but last and this coming one I have to make a choice from the beginning.

I am an elite account spender only so trying to maximize the goodies. I spend a LOT of time grinding for tokens and try to make the 450 sigil prize in every event (though the pvp’s have become tough without bonus but I digress).

This past season I managed to complete Necryx, and Grogg despite going for the token boost first and subsequently missing out on some of the discount when it was active for both, plus the refund that was given.

Any findings you care to share will be much appreciated. Thanks!

Double token bonus boost first always. That’s just my opinion, not based on any numbers.

always aim for the token boost as it will help you more than getting the discounted dragons.

the token boost next season has its own branch now so you will save quite a lot of sigils.

It’d depend on how active you plan on being with token missions during the two weeks that you wouldn’t have the boost, if you focused on the discount branch. There’ll also be a second rider this time, so if you plan on breaking into a third branch, that discount will help. We also don’t know if the rider(s) will be discounted this time or not :see_no_evil:

For me, I intentionally wanted a break from from token mission grind, so I went for the discount branch first. Also, if you plan on speeding up token missions anyway, it’ll slightly mitigate the impact of getting the boost later a bit.

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Okay so looking at mechs pricing post, since this season has the same pricing as last season, we saw the boost was just under 4K sigils:

However, for this year, we don’t have to do the 800 Sigils before the top fork, so it’s about 3.2k sigils.

3.2k sigils is not as bad as last year, but I landed 12.5k sigils exactly in 2 weeks, so I think I’m going to repeat the process and get the discount before the token boost. Main reason for me are the fragments and high quantity of gold chests/eggs at the end of the divine line.

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let’s hope for the best

I’m on same boat. I don’t care much season dragon but branch rewards with minimum sigil cost. I’m thinking about discounted branch first 2 week and then token boost considering I have hoarded 820 bronze chests and 21 k rubies + can add 1 value pack.

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The new rule of thumb would be 15/30/60 if the player had elite status :grin:

Thanks Folks, lot’s to consider. Like I said, Necryx was a pleasant surprise that he is actually good as I typically focus on the other rewards in the line to help me progress in the game and still be a cheapskate. The fact that I am on or able to be on 18+ hours a day I usually wind up with plenty of tokens and mystic frags without even spending rubies on speeding missions. Currently sitting on 54.7k with the boost cooking so that should help me with the first breeding comp of the season.

I didn’t factor in the fact that I just have to do the equivalent to just the alt branch for token boost so that 800 savings will help.

I appreciate your thoughts. Fly high and burn em all! (Except me :wink: )

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