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So I’m intrested in lower levels between gold to emerperian tier if the reduction costs has allowed you to breed entire tiers with ease or has pg manipulated the baloon to make slow progress. How many dragons can you hatch a breed?

Asking people on the forums how many dragons they breed would be mostly invalid as an answer to your question as most of us here are at end game or close to end game as we do not get as steep discount or at all. And there are only four dragons to breed per tier starting from Artisan.

But if you are at very low tier, near Gold, and are active enough doing balloon missions, it is very possible to have enough amount of egg tokens to breed an entire low tier.

But can you actually breed the whole tier is another matter as you will need to endure repetitive exp farming in order for the right dragons to reach breeding levels which is also lowered for low tiers if I remember correctly.

It is down to how much repetitiveness you can bear, imo.

Added: Why do you want to breed an entire tier anyways? Don’t you follow breeding paths?

I still remember how much egg token grinding I had to do for sapphire and garnet when there were no discounts and no balloon mission upgrades. I do NOT want to go back to that time. Current way is much better for newbies.

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They still cost literally like around 300k - 400k eggs to breed though. It’s no children’s playground for F2P players. To me you guys bring that up only have more money, should just put money we’re your mouth is.

You can just check neon for reds cheapest breeding guide and compute how much it needs.
It is very cheap you can skip 2 tiers when you are at very low levels.


You can. What limit you are the various checkpoints. The most problematic is the storage hut.

Storage checkpoint only happens once.I do not remember the tier as I did not experience it but my teammates of the same level did.

I think they’re referring to the storage being a bottleneck for incubator upgrades, that can definitely catch people out since you don’t need much storage for discounted towers anymore.

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I am sorry I am not seeing how things relates to anything anyone said

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Oh lower levels but in all seriousness the prices at endgame are more ridiculous.

My alt went from obsidian to empyrean in a single breed. Isn’t difficult to breed low tier at all. This acc is breeding verdant and I will get the first 3 verdant of reds best. It doesn’t get majorly difficult until mythic arcanum.


My little alt has found it very easy to move through tiers in breeding. The only real issue I’ve faced moving from gold (which was a terrible ordeal to get through) to empyrean so far was that for all my breeding, I can barely ever quire a decent breed event score.

That isn’t to say that I haven’t found the progression of a far more rewarding pace though.

I thought the progress should be quick if active came across a player 216 said they only had 5k tokens. But im also on verdant and not making much progress. I can’t believe im an end gamer. But certainly is expensive. I also have an alt and they were 4 tiers behind now they are one behind and i decided to crank out baby base.

:flushed: You are level 580+. Are you REALLY at verdant?

That’s because you are not one.

End game means being able to keep 15+ maxed towers in my book and probably in most people’s definitions.

And I can assure you there is no “active” player who can only have 5k egg tokens before a breeding event… unless he breeds outside of breeding events. That means the dude is either a huge whale or playing the game wrong.

Add: Verdant still gets like 20% discount, iirc.


And the latest tier dragons I assume

That doesn’t have to be said as towers can’t be maxed if one doesn’t reach the latest tier.

Correct me if I’m wrong there…

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