Discount breeding

Hi there, any idea if there Will be Some discount breeding pairs like we had Some events ago or new breeding pairs?

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@ghorghorbeys don’t know , @TheRedDelilah do u know anything ?

you mean backbreeding?

Last time i heard backbreed became available, there are some people who complained and wants to be compensated for their dragons that they breed months ago before the backbreeding became available.

I guess, it is possible to add backbreeding now that the new tier is coming.

No I think they mean discounted pairs. Remember a few months ago when they offered certain pairs yielding bander and khrysos for instance for like 50% tokens or something?

oh yeah, hope that sapphire tier gets discounted for others who is having a hard time.


Yeah except they weren’t discounted in reality as there were more efficient ways to get the same drags :rofl:

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Like mech said, it was the 50% off for certain breeding pairs

But thanks for the input

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