Discount packs nerfed?

What happened with the usual discount packs ?
I only have 2 choices available.
Best one 25.000 rubies for 99.99 euro.

I was getting rubies instead of chests, so I already reinstalled.
It fixed the chests, but not the store.

That’s the old pack by the sounds of it

That is very odd! Please contact our support team. They should be able to help you out!

This happens to me occasionally and is usually fixed by rebooting the game… or sometimes I just wait a day or two and the normal packs show up again.


My teammate can’t buy any Atlas packs
He doesn’t have them
Is it a known issue?

Try logging out (don’t forget your password), stopping the game, clearing cache, logging back in. Usually works and is faster than reinstalling.

Be sure to wipe all data before uninstalling, if the first suggestion doesn’t work.

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Already did before posting.
My alt is the same, so I suspect there will be no more packs for non atlas players.

The 2 days free elite that we got as compensation last week also magicly disapaered.

Reinstall will restore the correct packs into the in-game store options.

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Yeah… I never claimed that gift. And it disappeared. :expressionless:

Oh well.

As a few have said. This happens from time to time and it’s a glitch. When in doubt ask a teammate what packs they can see.

Reinstall fixes it for me, but I’m an Apple user. You should be able to clear your cache and get the same results. As far as I know there should never be a 25k ruby pack. That always means corruption with the game cache.

i had some issues, support was really no help. logged out, cleared back in still same, uninstall, clear reinstall, restarted phone all while hopping on one leg rubbing my belly, still nothing. Then after one attack i decided to check and they were back. No Clue, lost in the skies

You didn’t hop on the correct leg.

But yeah, I have noticed that too… Sometimes, it’s just stuck that way, and then for no apparent reason, it’ll be correct again.

Do not buy when the incorrect pack is displayed. You will receive what is being displayed.

Its not fixed for me.
Will try the hopping on 1 leg. :slight_smile:

I have 100% had it fixed by a full reinstall, every time.

I notice the issue tends to happen when PG pushes a live update… I wish they would fix it.

This had fixed itself with a new event starting,
But all of the sudden Im back to these 2 basic packs again.

Getting rubies instead of chests, stuck with the new armory with a black (??) Drago.

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