Discount tower 51-115?

Can some1 tell me what i missed haha , cant find the post about this , help me

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It is discussed more in the officer hour thread.

Basically tower discounting reduces the cost of towers and makes towers take less timers to level

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wow PG sucks! i had upgraded my toweers and accumulated 9.5M points before this mail about delayed discount to tower upgrades came out.


Luckily I only did 1.9 million but I’m pissed.


xD i know what is a discount lmao! When did they ever notified the community about a discount happening on tower ? From what i see my while team didnt know lol and look like LC either

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I just spent all my timers and now they come with a discount.
As if they didn’t know this before the event went live.

WAY TO GO PG! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Y’all knew exactly what y’all were doing !! This is jacked up in many ways … your lose though , another screw up by y’all … just gonna loose more people , keep this up y’all won’t have a game to worry about anymore .


and when u think pg dont mess up minor events rofl, i am almost done with the event, maxed out most of my towers

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do we even know if its timers discount or wood/food discount? :open_mouth:

For all of you who built before the discount went in place. Put in a support ticket asking to get reimbursed the missing timers.

This is what PGGalileo advised people to do in the office hours thread.


This is ridiculous. Ask support for individual compensation?!?!

Where’s the big in-game or at least in-forum announcement that towers were being released/discounted?!?!

Timers are the single most precious commodity in this game!


Why would that be ridiculous? The amount of timers each player spends in the first 2-3 hours of fort varies drastically. Individual compensation based off of what was used makes more sense.


Don’t blame them it was your fault that you spent them really quick heck I wouldn’t know if I was on during then no info but hey it is what it is

I don’t know how many times you’ve had to hit up support for compensation, but they don’t usually provide individual compensation.

Wrong. Absolutely blame them. They planned to release new towers and discount current ones and DIDN’T ANNOUNCE IT.

You mean at the start of the event like everyone else before RSS dries up? This is how the majority of players play fort.


This should have been announced yesterday! I’m so close to quitting lately. :cold_sweat:


I’ve sent in two tickets and all I get is an auto response about my points

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