Discounted branches for winter season

Does anyone know or predict that any of the other sigils branches will be discounted towards the end of the winter season?

Sigil branches? Do you mean discounted dragons and riders?

For this season the only thing remaining is a rider which we don’t know if it will b discounted in partial, in full, or at all. Personally I think it will be full price, but that’s merely speculation.

As far as sigils go, they have always offered some method in the last 2 weeks of th season to wrap up your progress. The last few iterations have been with a special chest that drops more sigils which you can buy. (Chest cost may vary, but ultimately itngwve you more for less cost in rubys)

Not sure if that answers your question.

Next season I think it’s safe to say they will offer discounted stuff, but you won’t be able to use sigils you have for this season.

Sorry, yes to clarify I meant the dragon/rider branches. Thanks for the information. @TheRedDelilah This can be closed, thank you :blush: