Discounted Hunter vs. Egg Token Boost

So yesterday in LC someone was saying he “did the math” and apparently it is more of an advantage to get discounted hunter now instead of egg token boost. And with advantage he meant only on getting more egg Tokens (for the sigils spent). Specially since next event will be most likely breeding event and thus having double egg token boost.

I kinda can´t wrap my mind around how that should be calculated? Depends on so many factors like how many token runs a day you are doing? How many sigils can you collect within 2 weeks for discounted hunter?

Any idea how that could have been calculated?

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Read the rest of the post. Answer was redundant. Idk then :nerd_face: just shuffle around an abacus and call it math.

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A lot of people use big talk with little backup

This is really really something I would never “calculate” for anybody because everyone puts different intrinsic values on the different aspects of the game. Someone could put a huge value on tower boosts (for some unknown reason) and they would have a diff opinion than someone else who put a huge value on tokens vs someone who was brand new to the game looking for their first seasonal dragon.

I’d be interested to know who this individual was…


And for the record, I went for the token boost based on the following criteria:

  • I’m not 100% convinced on the hunter, the warrior looks interesting so I’m waiting on that
  • I put an intrinsic value really high on tokens and medium-low on sigils so i figured that if I got the bonus within the first 24 hours that it would be worth it for me token wise. I’m only going to save max 6500 sigils by going with the hunter and pushing vs 5k extra tokens a day from grinding x 5 or 6 days which is a good chunk of tokens.
  • if I commit to the hunter, then I can’t commit to the discount rider at all (which may be even better, and I’d be saving sigils on getting)

Why unconvinced by Hunter mech?

This is also strongly influenced by play style/time. If you are on regularly enough or are a farmer, the boost in fragments is massive. However, if you’re only logging 20 minutes a day, the new dragon would make more sense.

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I also adsume you need to open a lot of chests or spend to get the high amounts of tokens from the discounted hunter.
I personally assume I wiuld easily score more tokens with the token bonus in a week and I‘m not even a hardcore mission grinder but I dontem very regularly.

I’m not the only one not sure about the hunter. I’m waiting for the next hunter or will decide on aibrean later. Right now I’m going egg token mission.

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Last season, got full branch kayla, leos, token boost, and tor till 2nd page +8 blocks (7-8 blocks not sure) and all other branches first block for 1 gold chest.

So i disagree on the “you can’t commit”

I did get the shitty dragon? Yes, i want to get more rewards to progress faster :woman_shrugging:t3:

Your definition of “more rewards” and “can’t commit” will be different because you’re a different player than Mech. You don’t know his goals, limitations, if he’s saving, etc.


If you have chests saved up and want to go for the discounted hunter, it could be beneficial. If you really need tokens and have no chests or rubies at all saved up, maybe the egg bonus is better.

I don’t buy packs but had some chests and rubies saved up and trying to complete the full line in discount.
I think a lot of people underestimate how much the sigils that you save on the discount are worth. Imo it’s worth going for the discount as it’s probably breeding next week and the egg missions are doubled anyway. And then get the double token bonus at the start of the third week :slight_smile:


I hope pvp, i dont think it ever happened fort, feeding, breeding or i mightve forgotten if it ever happened. But what do we know :man_shrugging:t3:. Im jynxing you. I need to open my burried golden chests so I can get more sigils to use for the discounted branch :joy:

Usually feeding replaces a PVP event, so breeding is very likely the next event. That has been the pattern over the last several times feeding has been run anyway.


Prob breeding next but you never know with PG. Feeding generally acts as a pseudo PVP event and they dont do them back to back, but it is completely possible.

Either way opening chests is pretty ass during feeding. Just pull through man I know that feel!

As of right now Runes/Glyphs dont seem to work for Aibrean 2 main spells (Spring Revival and Chaos)… so if you haven’t decided yet you may want to hold off to see if they get fixed…


Ugh! No! :joy:. Jynx jynx jynx!

I went for the egg boost straight away, but I am also conflicted. Aibrean looks awfully similar to avyx (which I have), so I am not really compelled to get him - but at the same time, I missed the boat with Necryx and am worried I will make yet another stupid decision on season dragons.

But ultimately, I am like Mech in that I will not save a really significant sum of sigils by going for him while discounted, and I personally feel like I should wait to see what the second hunter has to offer.


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Tracker ok :ok_hand:t2:

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