Discounts and the state of catching up

With the new tier out, I thought it would be interesting to have a look at the state of breeding, and how much has been done to help people catch up. I hear a lot about how PG should do more to help people catch up, and for a long time that was a real concern, but they have made a lot of effort towards that with recent discounts that I don’t think everyone is fully aware of.

Based on Red’s Best it currently takes about 7 million breeding tokens to complete all breeding. I looked at where each million of tokens gets you, and you’ll see that the earlier tiers are relatively really fast now.

  • 1 million tokens - finished vanguard (tier 13), two empyrean dragons bred
  • 2 million tokens - finished abyssal (tier 15)
  • 3 million tokens - finished eldritch (tier 16)
  • 4 million tokens - finished verdant (tier 17)
  • 5 million tokens - finished legendary arcanum (tier 18), no mythic yet
  • 6 million tokens - bred one artisan dragon (tier 19)
  • 7 million tokens - finished artisan

I think most people will agree that once you are at end tier, it’s fairly doable to keep up, so at that point getting ~3m tokens a year (which is wat keeping up requires) is not a big issue. Of course that’s a bit harder at level 50, but it does show that it’s not a 5 year job anymore to reach end tier, and the middle of Verdant tier (n-2) is actually the half-way point now.

Can things be even better? I’m sure they can, but compared to only a year ago huge strides have been made here.


Nice summary!

Could you please share a rough breakdown, where do most of your egg tokens come from? Draconic chests, castle bonus, rider missions, reward lines, baloon missions?

I just reached Abyssal, and now 1M tokens per tier seems a little steep. My biggest source of eggs (mostly in fragments) would be draconic chests from the festive branch, but I am also short on timers and electrum, so I think I’ll have to opt for the tower branches instead this time.


Interesting question! I don’t keep an exact administration, but I can make a reasonable estimate. For me it looks more or less like this:


That’s on a D1 team with a good set of castles, and (the equivalent of) medium spending.

Not going to give my exact numbers here, but it’s well over 1M tokens a season, so a 1.5M per tier is no problem at all at this level, especially once you add in mystic fragments. But of course this isn’t exactly the normal quantity for most people either.


Thanks for sharing, that’s interesting. So it is really a lot of diverse sources.

My chests seem up to speed except draconics this season. Atlas will catch up soon (to my old level, not yours). I guess I could pay more attention to zeppelin missions, if they are such a large part even at your level.

I’m gonna finish Sylvix and get Itki and Asuri. In how much time should I be able to catch up to endtier breeding? I always score 700k each breeding.

I’d say you should be able to get all 4 artisan dragons before the next tier hits at that pace.


That shows a lot of gold and draconic chests. Having missed the ‘you must do draconic chests’ boat when it first floated I’m behind on these and catching up is rough unless i take a season off.
Seems that with draconics success (having draconics) breeds success (getting more draconics), and draconics give value in several areas.
I’m doing my best to get more of them this season and will see how it goes.

Why is a Sapphire tier dragon costing 20000 more expensive then Harbinger at 17500? They are 4 tiers different.

You’re comparing a mythic to a legendary, sapphire legendaries are 12500. And they both have a 90% discount so it’s no surprise the cost is “just” 5k more.

This didn’t seem to matter when getting tier based discounts off the ground.

Was even the basis of Red shutting down her breed paths for a bit.

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Yeah I’m not even going to bother explaining why 3 year old posts might not be totally relevant today. But thanks for reminding me about the forum ignore function.

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That’s why discount exists besides that was a different time Medusy costs 2.5 times as much as Hauheset or Apophet besides mythic doesn’t equal a Legendary

Did the new tier discount also effected the timer for towers ?

Not yet. We haven’t seen any new tower levels, thus no discounts have been added as of now.

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