Discounts for newer accounts

So, this a suggestion I have for the folks at PG…

As more tiers continue to be released, and more dragons are put in the game, newer players will continue to be intimidated. The amount of time it takes for a newer player to even get to the mid range tiers like emerald and obsidian takes too long, let alone the end game tiers. To be honest, this game is slowly burning out mostly because there’s a severe lack of newer players joining the game for extended periods of time. In my opinion, I think we should have discounts set up in place for elite accounts for breeding and fortification for below say level 200, breeding level emerald or something. Make it so newer accounts actually feel like they have a chance here.

As more people continue to burn out and leave the game, the game needs newer players to keep the game going. Elite isnt terribly expensive, and giving a perk like this for newer accounts would probably give them more of an incentive to play the game. At obsidian or so you can at least be somewhat useful for the lower plat teams, which would help get more players in to those teams.

We need to do something to keep this game from dying out sooner than later… new players are the key to this.

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Aren’t there already tier based breeding discounts starting at Sapphire?


Gold tier*
( gold tier discount differently by reducing egg fragments amounts to get a dragon)
Also reducing xp grind need to look into cause green tier and even orange is a torture to lv a dragon just to breedable


Tower prices reduce at like 41, true discounting starts at plat for breeding.
XP is becoming much easier to farm now with more xp pots and more xp per run

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yes… but xp pots arent exactly easy to come by. to do the dragon missions you need elite dragons. the legendary dragons in lower tiers require so much xp per level, while bases give a fraction of it at max xp. Leveling up danzig or khyrsos you need like 15 runs just for 1 level, even with atlas invader bases. It needs some balancing.

there are, but keep in mind most low level accounts are going to join gold teams with no atlas, and crap tokens per day. Just to get to sapphire or garnet with the daily tokens and missons, can take a lot longer than it should. Even my alt, which has my wisdom from my first account has taken about a year to hit 200 and garnet mythic. Do you think newer players without the wisdom of breeding paths etc are going to do it?

tower prices reduce by rss, but not by timers. its only reduced for 3 levels from plat tier tower to sapphire tier. after that it goes back up to 24 days per upgrade and beyond

I joined a Plat 4 team at Lv. 49, and they had Atlas. As long as they’re active and score well in events, they should be fine. It’s not like dragons at low levels cost 60K egg tokens.

Yeah, I do. Pretty much every experienced player on a team will repeatedly tell low level accounts to follow Red’s Breeding Path.

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That isn’t what this is about

yea I got flagged. I’m new here. I got the “you got flagged email” explaining to stay on topic :+1:

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I think this is a good idea BUT I believe there are discounts starting at gold tier.
It gets easier to get XP once you unlock dragon quests and upgrade your egg mission balloon. There are also more XP Farms and teams you can hit.

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This needs to be viable and it’s not :man_shrugging:

New players are not being drawn in when I can’t push that button!
So offer something for brand new players is I believe what he’s referring too🤔

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It’s really cheap to go up to sapphire in breeding, and the levels between 100-200 is fixed at 40k xp to level up and 100k for between the levels of 200-300, i’ve been playing 1 year and 2 months now. Saw a lot of players (me included) taking 50 levels at once there, and one shotting Garnet tier, which means level 186. Starting around 230 it takes only 1 tower levelling to level up yourself.

However i can understand, when a person starting the game sees the people with level 400 and heard it took 1 year, he will afraid hahah, but this is the fate of all time to grow games

Cant really compare progress on a alt orchestrated by a seasoned player to a brand new player looking at the game for the first time.
Especially when they are just discovering that mountain of content they will need to conquer and climb to achieve some kind of relevance of play.
So yes it’s quite easy when you know all the tricks and have a good idea of what it’s going to take but we need noobs to feel like it’s possible.
Hmmmmm :thinking:

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**loudly loughing here

In the player retention thread we have discussed many things surrounding retention of players at the very beginning of play.
One topic I’ve put forth is drop and in particular the density of drop by level and the historical lack of drop adjustments.
Now see this is something which has arisen recently as a issue quite clearly during the current draconic uproar!
The economy has been called out and drop was cited multiple times as a contributing factor to the player bases continued need for aggressive seasonal planning!

I’d say if you want to help players at the lowest levels of play we need drop bracketed by level using density!
And i believe this will increase player retention at all levels of play and make the mountain easier to climb for activity based play styles while reducing the extreme need to plan everything and be forced to rely on our planning to such a extreme degree.
Hopefully making the climb less daunting for those logging in for
The first time.

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Sorry, I just have to chuckle/cry at this remembering how I clawed my way over the damn sapphire wall right before they tore it down and added discounts :sob:

Oh my sweet summer child… In my day we had to crawl through sapphire and garnet on our hands and knees… across broken egg shards… up hill both ways and over the great sapphire wall from hell. Then they tore down that wall and moved it to 400 and we had to climb over it again :older_adult:t3::older_man:t4::older_woman:t5:


They moved it to 500 lol

They moved it to 400 then 500 when they did that weird level adjustment thing that skipped me from Harbinger through Vanguard and straight to Emp divines (my poor pathox)

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