Discrepancy between AttackPower and "real Power"

first, i know there is a difference between different dragons with the same attack power, due to their unique spellkit and the base they attack. but when comparing the same dragons on diffrent level or with different equipment and rider, there should not be much of a difference when they have the same attack power, right?

for this example i take Gig, as one of the most popular dragons atm.

if you compare a 7b Gig with a 9b Gig, surely the latter should be the one crushing stronger bases, right? right?

unfortunately thats not true. upgrading your rider and gear to the max is not as important as pushing him to the maximum level.

a teammember and i tested this on one of the strongest bases in our 5ta, since we both were not sure about the hypothesis, that numbers dont matter. he managed to kill the island (undefended) and i just barely reached 70+%. well you now might think, he got the 9b and i got the 7b Gig, but its the other way round. (both our flight skills are equal / compareable)

with a closer look it was clear, the attack power does not match the hp / attack.

7.5b gig:
level: expert
47m dmg/s
650m HP

9.5b gig:
level: 55
37m dmg/s
505m HP

since all spells are based on either hp or attack, and all abilites have been learned, how do 2b less power result in 20-30% more stats? if you implement a value that seems so easy to be compared with others, why is it so useless?

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Attack Power = the price of your dragon.
Runes and consumables boosts it too much, unfortunately


from what i see the 7.5B gig is better because of dmg/s and thats one of the most important thing in regards your dragon ability to kill a base.
and expert level gig has higher d/s then a lower tier dragons.

But shouldn’t the attack power represent exactly this ? Meaning higher hp and dmg/s leading to higher power?

Not necessarily. As I said, runes and consumables boost it too much. (plus “Attack power” is independent to either base HP or base AP)
Say, give an unruned Gig 5 Mythic Ballista resist (or other variants), and his attack power will skyrocket.
p.s. Runes affect dragons differently, so a bit hard to calculate actual power.

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not in my experience for example an eldrich dragon will have a 5B ap
and a vanguard dragon can have 5B with good gear but that dragon will have a very hard time against a level 95 tower base and it because of health and dmg/s.

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It really doesn’t. I can put completely redundant runes that do nothing to a dragon and it boosts ap. AP is a completely terrible system that really doesn’t give any indication of a dragons strength in truth.

It should reflect things closely but it is rarely the case

Well, PG managed to change the power values of bases (not in profil, but at least on attack screen), why dont they just change it here as well to be more accurate? if a dragon doesnt profit from this rune, dont let it add its value to AP…

besides, even without runes, the power boost from armor doesnt scale accuretly as well, i suppose…

Base numbers don’t accurately represent anything even post change. In fact their numbers are probably more inaccurate as a gauge. More places for runes that have no combat power. Tower composition giving significantly more power than anything else. Certain towers being completely subpar. And some towers that are essentially meat shields (farms). That and some of that power is conditional (totems).

If someone wanted to they could pad their numbers out big time without any combat boosts

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Wow you must have some really redundant runes on your dragon…

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Think so? What should I improve ?

Edit: correct rune page :see_no_evil:

:thinking: Why Gig needs Time Stop runes?


Fail. Wrong dragon

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