Discrepancy in spell placement

So as I’ve started playing my mini more and I noticed that the spell placement during runs is different for all my dragons then on my main. This wouldn’t be a problem except for every time you swap from one account to the other and go to shield against a ball of fire you instead manage to sand nothing and get taken out of the skies.
If there could just be some consistency that’d be great! Thanks

Ps. My mini is playing on an android S8+, main is on an iPad.
Here’s some photos just for example.


I don’t have a good answer for you, but I remember my spells swapping themselves around and I only play 1 account. It hasn’t happened in awhile so I wonder if it’s just super funky before reaching a certain level? I’m only lvl 106 so I don’t know if this is relevant if your mini is above my level. But yeah it was really annoying for awhile couldn’t develop a real habit since it kept swapping around

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Hmmmm i never noticed spells swapping on my main at least not once I got all the spells. Different drags would have spells like cloak mixed around but necryx has always had the same order for spells since I got them all.

And my mini is a Lv 93.

It’s an Android vs ios thing. It may even be a device thing (ie phone vs ipad are different). Nothing much we can do about it

I know we can’t do anything about it, but I’m hoping pg can. I considered going to support but they’re more for personal help, not fixing game dynamics.

I remember this thread, though there wasn’t a reply there either :see_no_evil:

This drives me nuts. Spell positions are different between my iPhone and iPad. Because I’m exclusively a hunter user and breeding progression is so slow there’s a huge amount of the same spells and dragons between my two accounts. I have both accounts on the same team and play them at the same time so there’s many times where I’ll run both Necryx or something in the same attack and each has different spell positions :see_no_evil: Yes it often results in me looking stupid or dying :joy::sweat_smile:

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I agree.

Mostly the flying is based on some preparation and some live response.

Imagine a sniper was about to shoot then he realizes the trigger of his rifle is at the top instead of the usual position. Where my trigger :flushed::weary:


From my experience it’s device dependent. My iPad has same spell placement for my 3 accounts while the same 3 accounts have different spell placement when I play on my Samsung Galaxy s7 and I suspect iPhone has yet another spell placement while I never played on one.

The game needs a different source code for IOS and Android, is likely just simply in a different order in both codes, this can literally be fixed in seconds, and for the future, just gotta make sure both people coding for each OS have an order to follow.

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